Vermont Smoke & Cure Review

Vermont Smoke & Cure has been consciously crafting delicious smoked meats and meat snacks since 1962. They use humanely raised meats whenever possible, and simple local ingredients like Vermont maple syrup and apple cider, combined with the highest quality spices and herbs like tamarind and quarter crack pepper. Their team of employee-owners creates everything in their Smokehouse right in the hills of Vermont.  They pride themselves on being a good neighbor and valuable partner to their local farmers. This is simply the way they do business – and it all combines to create the finest flavor in every bite.
I received a delicious variety of meat sticks, pepperoni and summer sausage from Vermont Smoke & Cure. I noticed that these meat sticks are very clean and natural flavored. They taste extremely fresh and juicy which I prefer so much more than some of those other beef sticks that taste like they have been sitting on a shelf for years. Vermont Smoke & Cure is for sure a high quality beef stick without a crazy high price.


Cracked Pepper Beef & Pork has just a bit of a peppery kick. Crafted with lean, humanely-raised beef and pork, cracked pepper and a classic mix of spices for nourishing real meat protein.

BBQ Beef Sticks have a deep, medium spicy taste of true BBQ. Crafted with lean beef, peppers and molasses for nourishing real meat protein.

Chipotle Beef & Pork is made of delicious layers of flavor and medium spicy heat. Crafted with lean beef and pork, chipotle peppers, cumin and garlic for nourishing real meat protein.

Uncured Pepperoni......Classic pepperoni flavor. Crafted with lean, humanely-raised turkey, peppers, paprika and garlic for nourishing real meat protein.

Honey Mustard Turkey, balanced mustard and just a touch of honey sweetness. Crafted with lean, humanely-raised turkey, honey and mustard for nourishing real meat protein.

Ancho Pepper Turkey is a flavor that takes you south of the border. Crafted with lean, humanely-raised turkey, ground Ancho chili peppers, Mexican oregano, cumin, and other spices for nourishing real meat protein.

Teriyaki Chicken Sticks are filled with flavor, not sodium. We blend lean, humanely raised chicken, low-sodium tamari and ginger before slow smoking for nourishing real meat protein with a just-gingery-enough teriyaki flavor.

Rosemary Thyme Chicken Sticks are savory and flavorful. Crafted with lean, humanely-raised chicken, rosemary, thyme and toasted onion for nourishing real meat protein.

Spicy Italian Pork made of real Italian sausage an enjoyable kick of spice. Crafted with lean pork, fennel seeds, red pepper flakes, and garlic for nourishing real meat protein.

In my house we all had our personal favorite sticks. Mine are Cracked Pepper and Honey Mustard. These are so delicious not all of the sticks made it into the photo. We couldn't wait to start tasting them.

These sticks are perfect for hiking, biking and camping trips. I like to keep meat sticks in my hiking bag at all times because you never know when you need a quick pick me up. These sticks contain at least 45% less salt (and 50% less fat) than leading snack sticks so you can feel good about eating them. They are delicious with some cheese too so pack some cheese squares to bring along too if you like. 

The pepperoni is awesome for eating by itself or slice it up and put it on some homemade pizza or top off your lasagne with it. Also you can add it to some pasta sauce and have a yummy Vermont Smoked Pepperoni enhanced plate of spaghetti.

The Vermont uncured summer sausage can also be added to your favorite dish or slice it up for a quick snack. I enojoy it with cheese and a little pepper sprinkled on top of it.  It is also fantastic with your favorite mustard. I love mustard and have a ton of different choices to spread on my summer sausage. Vermont Smoke & Cure Uncured Summer Sausage has a clean, tangy flavor from slow fermentation, made without sodium nitrite. It is also made with beef and pork raised without antibiotics or added hormones and vegetarian fed.

You can purchase Vermont Smoke & Cure meat sticks, pepperoni and sausage directly from their site and orders over $50 will have FREE SHIPPING

You can also go to Vermont Smoke & Cure website and find links to purchase their hams, bacon and hot dogs or use their product locator to find a location near you. Product locator >

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