J. Brooks Premium Coffee Roasters Review & Giveaway


J. Brooks was founded in 2010 by coffee lovers who believe that coffee can be more than a drink--it can create community. Because of that, the company was founded and based out of Memphis, TN, to serve the greater Memphis area. J. Brooks is a tight-knit company, where quality is important. They have their own roaster, online store, and delivery--all of which are focused on bringing you the perfect cup of coffee.
At J. Brooks, they firmly hold the belief that coffee can be as diverse as people. They strive to find the best possible roast, blend and flavor combinations that give you a taste that’s as unique as you are. And while every coffee is unique, they’re all connected. Because of this, they don’t just want to bring you good coffee. They want to help you find a coffee that fits you, and bring coffee lovers into a community as rich and diverse as their products.
To do that, they have offered suggestions for coffees that fit different personalities. This, of course, isn't a hard and fast rule--you're always going to like what tastes best to you--but since each coffee is so unique, they want you to find a coffee whose personality matches yours. At J. Brooks, they call it your Roastinality.

J. Brooks sent me an amazing trio of coffees to try. I received whole bean so I can grind it fresh at home. I have been enjoying this fantastic coffee for the last few day and I love it.
My favorite is Gallant it is the perfect embodiment of Dark and Bold. Gallant is stout and deep. This dark roast has a hint of chocolate and comes from Huehuetenango, Guatemala. When you're huddled next to a fire, discussing the deep mysteries of the human condition, Gallant is the perfect thing to push you toward that next great thought.
Spirit of Memphis This blend has a well-rounded body with traces of sweetness, and like its namesake, serves a diverse group of people. Do you have that Elvis Presley style and flair? Or maybe the raw soul of B.B. King? Regardless, for those with the soul and energy of the Delta For those with the soul and energy of the Delta, the Spirit of Memphis offers a smooth cup. 

I also received Morning Mercy. This blend is perfect for those who need that morning pick-me-up, the detailed flavor and smooth mouth feel of Morning Mercy will 

awaken the senses. A blend of Central & South American coffees, Morning Mercy is perfectly roasted for the coffee drinkers whose day doesn't start without a great cup. And if you aren't a morning person? After a cup of Morning Mercy, no one will be able to tell.

J. Brooks other delicious blends are

Light & Easy blend:
Starlight is a vibrant blend with sweet tones. This blend will give you the energy you need to keep your spirits up and your mind on task, no matter what comes your way.

Medium & Smooth Blend:
True North.....This smooth, classically-balanced blend is a perfectly-roasted combination of Central and South American coffees. It is their signature blend. 
Colombian.... A smooth, memorable taste that has it all – hints of fruit, nuts, and just a little spice. This is a blend perfect for the guy who seems to have it all and the woman who just radiates charisma. 
Panama...... Panama drinkers are the playful, disarming people who make friends with just about anyone. High toned with hints of fruit and honey, Panama is the perfect coffee to put you in a good mood.

Dark & Bold: 
Onyx a dark, robust taste with no trace of bitterness. If you're the coffee lover who's looking for a rich, unique flavor, look no further.
Bootleg is their darkest roast. Bootleg is close to an Italian roast. It is heavy-bodied, with a long, active finish. For the risk-takers, those extra bold individuals who like their coffee to have a kick, Bootleg is the perfect choice.

Old Country Espresso. Reminiscent of traditional espresso, Old Country gives you a solid flavor. For the coffee lover who appreciates the finer things in life, Old Country offers a delicious cup of Espresso and a link back to a simpler time. 
Decaf Rubicon Espresso. Decaf Rubicon Espresso gives you all the flavor of a world-class espresso without the caffeine. 

Clarion offers superb coffee taste without the caffeine--allowing you to get your energy through relaxation and pure coffee enjoyment rather than a jolt of caffeine.
Decaf Onyx The dark, robust taste of Onyx with none of the buzz. Onyx Decaf is for those who are all about the flavor of their coffee, not the pick-me-up. 


In this house we love a dark coffee. I personally must get my hands on J. Brooks Onyx and Bootleg coffee. It must be fresh ground and brewed in a french press to get its true full flavor.  

We drink our J.Brooks Gallant piping hot from the french press. It is delicious black but for me, I like to add a touch of cream. The smell from this bag of beans is intoxicating. When I received the box of coffee beans I closed my eyes and took a deep sniff in. Oh my gosh it's like heaven!!!! The


beans from the Gallant are a beautiful deep chocolate brown color and shine with fresh oils. This is an amazing coffee from a brand premium. The packaging alone is extremely classy and cool. These coffees would make an excellent gift for any coffee lover. Placing a few of them in a basket with a mug or two would be perfect to give a good friend or family member.
You can buy J.Brooks coffee directly from the site.http://www.jbrookscoffeeroasters.com/j-brooks-coffee-roasters-store-s/1831.htm

You can purchase the 12oz bags individually for $11.99, $12.49 & $12.99 or you can buy a combo pack that includes 3 bags of your choice for $35.97 

J. Brooks also has a variety of coffee subscriptions. You can choose a 3 month subscription where you receive either 2 or 3 bags a month. Or you can get a 6 month subscription and pick either 2 or 3 bags per month. The subscription prices include shipping. This is an excellent way to get coffee. You don't have to worry about running out or remembering to reorder. Your coffee will be delivered directly to your door monthly.

The awesome people at J. Brooks are giving away the same trio coffee combo that I received. One lucky Simple Side of Life reader will win 3 12oz bags (1) Gallant, (1) Spirit of Memphis, (1) Morning Mercy. GOOD LUCK!!!!