Bobo's Oat Bars Easter Basket Gift Idea Review & Giveaway


BOBO'S OAT BAR is the moistest, chewiest, tastiest, and largest (3 ounces) healthy vegan oat bar you will find. It has only 4 ingredients, all of which are completely natural, non-refined, and 100% non-GMO. Bobo's is 100% Vegan with no trans-fats. Beryl Stafford created BOBO'S BARS in Boulder with her teenage daughter,"Bobo". 

Bobo's Oat Bars mission is to produce the best tasting oat bar on Earth, using the healthiest, most wholesome organic ingredients. They aim to satisfy your craving for nourishment and delicious flavor, while respecting your bodies and your planet.

Through health conscious Bobo Bars, they are spreading the truth that a healthy diet supports a wholesome lifestyle and peace of mind. Remember...Have Fun, Serve the Planet Unselfishly, and Create Abundance.


Bobo’s Oat Bars have a moist and delicious home-made taste unlike any other snack bar on the market. These vegan bars are made with NON-GMO, natural and organic ingredients and come in ten tasty original flavors and six new gluten-free flavors. 

Bobo's Oat Bars regular flavors are Original, Coconut, Cinnamon Raisin, Peanut Butter, Cranberry Orange, Chocolate, Almond, Banana, Strawberry and Apricot.

Each bar is super full of delicious flavor. They have chunks of real fruits. They are not flavored with artificial flavors at all. The peach bars have bits of peach, the cinnamon raisin bars have real raisins. I love taking a bite of these hearty bars and getting that chewy piece of delicious fruit. These bars will satisfy your hunger in a way other bars will not. After a workout, for breakfast or for a midday snack these Bobo's Oat Bars will fill you up and you don't need to feel guilty about it

Bobo's Oat Bars also has a line of Gluten Free Bars for those who are sensitive to gluten or those of you who just like to avoid eating it. They have Peach, Maple Pecan, Chocolate Almond, Apple Pie, PB&J and my personal favorite Lemon Poppyseed.

These gluten-free bars are just as outrageously yummy as their original flavors, so there’s no feeling of compromise.


Bobo’s Oat Bars are the go-to snack for parents, athletes, professionals and foodies who want to embrace good health without feeling confused about ingredients or drained in the purse. With their bars, there’s no need to worry about artificial anything, including no additives, sweeteners and other harsh chemicals. Bobo’s Oat Bars are for people who want to eat intelligently, without feeling deprived. They offer something different, something better. So join them for smart snacking and portable deliciousness. At Bobo’s, they help you live well, by eating well.

Bobo's Bites are and adorable snack. Each box comes with 5 Bites. These are awesome if you are a team mom and need to supply a half time snack or an after game pick me up. 

 Bobo's sent me an amazing package of their bars giving me the chance to try each flavor they have to offer. Their large bars are two servings so you can eat the whole thing, eat half now and half later or you can share your Bobo's Oat Bar with a loved one.

If you prefer a smaller snack then you can choose Bobo's Bites. They are a smaller individual servings that you can pop in your purse or your kids lunch box.


I am officially in love with these bars and have been eating one in the morning after I get off the treadmill before I begin to work. It keeps me satisfied until lunch so I can focus on my work without a growling tummy. They are thick, tasty and full of delicious, chewy oats

I have seen these bars in a ton of store around the area I live in so keep your eyes peeled. If you want to find a store near you then check out their store locator, click your state and it will tell you where to pick some up.

If you are like me and love the simplicity of ordering online and having this yummy product shipped straight to your door then you can order these directly from Bobo's Oat Bar website. I like ordering direct because you can buy a case and pick from any flavor and size offered.


Bobo's Oat Bars is giving away a sample box of their delicious bars. One super lucky Simple Side of Life reader will win a fantastic variety of Bobo's Oat Bars. Good luck and get your entries in!!! Don't forget to tweet daily to boost your points.