Safe Catch Foods Tuna Review & Giveaway


Safe Catch is the only brand of canned tuna that tests every fish individually for mercury levels. Too much mercury can tax performance and recovery. All nine essential amino acids and Omega-3s retained in every can making it great for athletes! They are the only brand with a tuna that meets Consumer Reports “Low Mercury” criteria for pregnant moms and children. The strictest mercury limits of any brand. Safe Catch is the only brand with a tuna that meets Environmental Working Group’s “Best Seafood” criteria for mercury levels. Eat pure. Live pure.

Safe Catch is sustainably caught tuna from managed stock. Their tuna is traceable from sea to table and they buy from captains whose catch methods minimize environmental impact.

This is an amazing company that was started a little over 10 years ago by two friends from Marin County CA. Marin County is a beautiful area just north of San Francisco. Growing up near Mount Tamalpais and the Pacific Ocean inspired these guys to have a deep appreciation for nature. There goal was to bring safe seafood to moms and kids. Today they provide fish that conforms to incredibly strict purity limits for mercury. But, they are also looking to tomorrow. We need to protect the fish and the fish tank – to safeguard ocean purity – so we don’t wake up in a world where what we do today, isn’t possible anymore.


Being from California myself I love supporting a local company as well as supporting a company with such great morals and concern for the environment. I was so pleased when I opened my can of Safe Catch tuna. I could tell it was super fresh. I put it into a bowl and broke it up with a fork. The tuna was perfect, delicious and canned in a small amount of water. I didn't have to squeeze the life out of it to drain it or try to rinse oil from it. The cans come with and easy open pull tab lid. There was no need to fumble with a con opener.  I am a 
huge fan of tuna. I must have a delicious tuna sandwich with tons of mustard and relish on the regular. I could see and taste that Safe Catch is quality fish and enjoyed every tasty bite. Tuna is a staple in my kitchen. There are so many options with tuna from casseroles to sandwiches and salads


The Safe Catch website offers some new and exciting recipe ideas that I will be trying out soon, so make sure you try them and expand your tuna menu. Here is a direct link to these delicious recipe ideas.

I have got to try the tuna burger and the tuna cakes. YUMMMMMY!!!!! They offer ideas that I would have never thought of so I am excited to try them all.

Tuna is an excellent source of lean protein and it is fully loaded with B vitamins so you can eat it up and not feel guilty afterwards. It will give you an excellent boost of energy either before or after a workout and leave you with a light, fresh feeling. It won't bog you down like heavy red meats tend to do. Knowing Safe Catch as strict mercury limits makes me feel much better about feeding it to my family and eating as often as I do.

With potential health benefits for our brains and our hearts, great flavor and a lot of nutrition, tuna is an excellent option for dinner or lunch. Make sure to include Safe Catch tuna in your diet because this super food is packed with the omega-3s that you need.

Safe Catch wild tuna is hand packed and comes in three options. No Salt Added, Wild Albacore Tuna and Elite, their purest Wild Tuna. To make it super convenient to buy Safe Catch website has a product locator to find it in stores near you.

You can also buy it directly from the Safe Catch website. You can purchase it the can or you can get their subscription. I think the subscriptions are very cool because you don't have to think about reordering or running out of this kitchen necessity. You can pick from their 3 types of tuna and also choose to order (1) 6-pack a month and get free shipping every month, (2) 6-packs a month or (4) 6-packs a month. You can even mix and match!! Also the more you order the more you save. So check it out and sign up. You wont regret it.


Safe Catch has offered to have a giveaway for our amazing Simple Side of Life readers. One lucky reader will win a case of Safe Catch Elite.....that's 6 cans!!!    :)  Get your entries in and tweet daily to boost your odds at winning.