Wood's Vermont Maple Syrup Review & Giveaway


Since Wood's Vermont Maple Syrup Co. establishment in 1920, their family has been mastering the art of maple sugaring. Since 2009, they have started a new mission. Their focus is now on specialty syrups that bring a sense of community and innovation to the table, literally.

Wood's Vermont Maple Syrup Company mission is to provide the best maple syrup for everyone and to get people thinking about all, new and old, uses for maple syrup. It is their hope that this creates a sense of community and opens up doors for collaboration among family, friends, and co-workers.

THE WOOD family has owned their land in Randolph, Vermont for five generations – now working on the sixth. The first generations were farmers, and like many other Vermonters in those days, they grew and processed all of their own food from the land they lived on. Things have changed a bit – what remains from what was once a 1000-acre farm is 54-acres of mostly maple trees. As years have past, they have gone from tapping 800 trees to more than 5200 trees this past year. Up until 2009, a good year would've produced 75 gallons of syrup. They are now making more than 1700 gallons of syrup in a year.



Bourbon Barrel Aged Syrup

They age their traditional maple syrup in a bourbon barrel for 4 to 6 months. During this time, the syrup soaks in the flavor of the barrel, char, and left over bourbon.  This was their first specialty syrup and we're excited to share it with you! Oh, and it's kid friendly!

Rum Barrel Aged Syrup

Similarly to the bourbon syrup, they aged traditional syrup in a rum barrel for 4 to 6 months. During this time, the syrup soaks in the flavors of the barrel, char, and left over rum.  You'll taste hints of vanilla in this. Plus it's kid friendly!



Smoked Syrup

This is traditional syrup with a strong smell and taste of smoke. It is great for BBQ, wings, and mixed drinks! The smoking process is a secret but they can assure you that there is no fake flavoring added.  

Ghosted Syrup

This is traditional syrup with a kick! They added handcrafted ghost pepper extract to our syrup. 

This syrup would be perfect for making jerky or candied bacon. If you are a lover of spice then you must try this flavor of Wood's Syrup.




This is a maple balsamic reduction. The ingredients include port wine, maple syrup, bourbon, and of course a balsamic reduction. A little goes a long way and is great on steak as well as salmon.

Traditional Maple Syrup

Their traditional maple syrup. They have been making pure maple syrup for over 100 years, you could say its in their blood. You'll find theirs a little thicker and rich in flavor compared to most others. 




Traditional Maple Cream

Maple cream is spreadable like butter. It goes great on just about anything. It's also a much better alternative to white sugar. Stir it into your coffee or tea as a natural sweetener.

Cinnamon Swirl Maple Cream

This is their traditional cream with cinnamon extract added. Just like our traditional cream, it's good on just about everything. It's almost like eating a sticky bun, but without the bread. You can spread it on homemade doughnuts too. YUMMMMMY!!!!!!
I received two delicious bottle ofWood's Vermont Syrup Company syrup. It is incredible!! I have never had another syrup quite like this.

I received their Bourbon Barrel Aged Syrup and the Rum Barrel Aged Syrup. It real does take on the taste of the barrel it is aged in. When we tried the syrup on our waffles we looked at each other eyes wide and said "WOW!!!!" It really soaks in and gives your waffle an amazing taste mixed with flavors. I want to use this syrup on EVERYTHING!! We will be using it to make jerky and candied bacon for sure.

This syrup is so delicious I want to buy it for gift baskets. It would be perfection in a breakfast basket for a family or a basket for your Dad, Uncle or brother. You could put a bottle of syrup, a bottle of rum or bourbon, a package of bacon or jerky and waffle mix. Any man or woman would be super lucky to receive a basket like that. Even I want one. I am hooked on this 


syrup and can't wait to try the other flavors they have to offer. I really, really want to try theWood's Smoked Syrup to BBQ with this summer. 

You can buy this syrup directly from the Wood's Pure Vermont Maple Syrup Companyhttp://www.woodssyrup.com/shop/

You can even sign up for a subscription so there's no need to search for this amazing syrup or remember when to reorder. You will never run out if you pick the subscription that best fits you and your family. Subscription link: http://www.woodssyrup.com/csa-store/

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Wood's Vermont Maple Syrup is giving away 2 bottles of their delicious syrup to one lucky Simple Side of Life reader. One winner will receive a bottle of Bourbon Syrup and a bottle of Rum Syrup. Good Luck and tweet daily for extra points!!!!