Palouse Brand Hummus Kit Review & Giveaway


Buying hummus can be expensive, but not any more! Palouse Brand has you covered!! Compare their exquisite finished hummus at $0.16/ounce to finished grocery store brands averaging over $0.45/ounce. Palouse Brand scrumptious hummus recipe kits make a total of 120 ounces of hummus. Each of their hummus kits contains a hand crafted hummus recipe, Garlic & Herb, Mediterranean or Bare. All you need to make healthy homemade hummus with their kit is water and oil.  The kit includes all of the other hummus ingredients. Can you freeze hummus? Yes you can! Make a whole batch and vacuum seal it for later. Palouse Brand family has been involved in agriculture for five generations growing premium garbanzo beans and now they are excited to share not only their beans with you but also a indulgent way to enjoy them. 

What makes Palouse Brand so special???

Five generations ago the Mader Family started farming. Their farm operations span across the southeast part of Washington State and are headquartered in Pullman, Washington. In 2001 they acted on an opportunity to add a cleaning facility to their operation. Their cleaning plant, Palouse Trading, is located in Palouse, Washington, just north of Pullman. Originally named Wallace Grain and Pea Company in the 1930s, Palouse Trading was designed for quality instead of quantity as is their cleaning plant. It has cleaned legumes and grains for the international market and domestic consumption. Their food is appealing to their consumers because of its nutrition, aesthetics and trace-ability to their farm fields.

I received Palouse Brand Hummus Trio!! It is one of their Year of The Pulse Specials.

What is a Pulse? A pulse is a part of the legume family but pulse refers to the dried seed where legume refers to all fruits enclosed in a pod. Examples of pulses are dried chickpeas, lentils and green split peas. 

Year of the Pulse Specials: 2016 has been declared by the United Nations as the International Year of the Pulse or "IYP". This year will give pulses an opportunity to step into the spot light and for people to learn more about them. Pulses are important to both our diets and the environment. Not to mention cooking with pulses is easy, affordable and a great source of protein and fiber.

This Hummas Trio Year of The Pulse Special is only $37 and includes FREE shipping!!


You cannot beat this price!!!  I buy a lot of hummus in the stores and spend waaaaaay more than that on tiny batches. This is an incredible deal and you get to make your hummus fresh when you want it. It is super simple to do. Palouse Brand supplies you with everything you will need except oil and water.
Their scrumptious hummus recipe kits make a total of 120 ounces of hummus. Each of their hummus kits contains a hand crafted hummus recipe, Garlic & Herb, Mediterranean or Bare. All you need to make healthy homemade hummus with their kit is water and oil. The kit includes all of the other hummus ingredients and for a limited time FREE SHIPPING on the Hummus Kit Pack, 1 of each flavor.

Their Delicious Flavors!!

  • Bare Hummus: No more searching the internet for a plain hummus recipe. Although this hummus recipe is anything but plain! The toasted sesame seeds and creamy garbanzo beans shine in this authentic hummus kit. Pair with vegetables, flavored pita chips, warm pita bread or use to make falafel. 

  • Mediterranean HummusThis decadent hummus recipe has a distinctive lemon flavor with hints of cumin and other aromatic spices. This tempting hummus is complimented by its appearance which is lavishly speckled with spices. Pair with vegetables, naked pita chips and pretzels. 

  • Garlic and Herb HummusIf you are looking for a tantalizing hummus recipe, look no further. This mouth-watering hummus is rich in garlic and chives. To make these hummus recipes even creamier peel the garbanzo beans after cooking. Make a great spread for sandwiches and wraps.
We decided to make a lot of hummus all at once and freeze it in small portions. That way when we want more we can just pop a bag out of the freezer and it will thaw quickly to snack on. Hummus can stay frozen for at least four weeks. You can keep it frozen longer but the consistency may change so we made enough for 4 weeks and made enough to give away to a few family members.
Before you begin the process of making your hummus you need to soak your beans over night. Make sure you add plenty of water.....your beans will swell so also make sure you are using a large enough bowl so they don't spill out once swollen. Once they have soaked over night you want to rinse your beans well. Get them all nice and clean!! 


Now that your beans are clean put them into a pot on the stove with plenty of water.Palouse Brand Hummus bags have the exact measurements you will need so it's super simple. I made big batches so I multiplied the recipe on the back of the bag according to the amount of beans I used in each batch.
Palouse Brand Hummus Kits include all the spices you need to make your scrumptious hummus.

All you need to do is get out your olive oil so you can add the required amount to the sesame seeds. You want to blend the sesame seeds and olive oil in your food processor until seeds are moist.


Once I blended my oil and seed mixture I poured it into cups so I could measure it out for each of the batches I was making. Next I poured my beans into the food processor, added the required amount of water, added my oil/seed mix and blended until it became the consistency I prefer.

The last step is to add the spices into your hummus. The back of the bag will also tell you how much to add to your batch.  



See making hummus with this kit is truly super simple. You will never buy another overpriced mini container of hummus again. Palouse Brand Hummus kits are amazing.

                 YUMMUS !!!  HUMMUS !!!!


You can buy these incredible Palouse Brand Hummus kits for $21.95 each directly from the website >

You can also buy the Palouse Brand Hummas Trio Year of The Pulse Special for $37 plus limited time shipping >

Also make sure you check out Palouse Brand entire line of products and kits. I would LOVE to try their split pea soup. So spend some time and poke around their site. You will find something tasty that you must try I promise. All of their Year of The Pulse Specials are:

  • Hummus Kit Pack - 1 of each flavor (See below for more about our hummus.) 
  • Legume Trio - 3 lbs of each Lentils, Garbanzo Beans and Green Split Peas 
  • Sprouters Bundle - 5 lbs of each Lentils and Garbanzo Beans
  • Soup and Salad Bundle - 5 lbs of each Garbanzo Beans and Green Split Peas
  • No Soak Needed Bundle - 5 lbs of each Lentils and Green Split Peas 

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The super generous and spicy people of Palouse Brands are giving away one (1) Hummus Kit to one (1) very lucky Simple Side of Life Reader. You get to pick you Hummus Kit flavor!! Good Luck Everyone!!