Banza Pasta Review & Giveaway


At Banza, they believe healthy should be an indulgence, not a punishment. The foods you’re drawn to, should also be the foods you feel good about sinking your teeth into. Reinventing is a loaded word. There’s no magic here. Banza uses simple ingredients—foods you can find in your local grocery store. Foods you trust to fuel you.

Banza set out to prove that eating right doesn’t require tons of time, money, or chef-like cooking skills. They create nutritious foods that are affordable, convenient, and easy to prepare.
Their goal has always been to give the home cook the tools to make a delicious, healthy meal. Banza is a foundation -- and what you decide to do with it? That’s the true art.


Banza journey started in 2013, in a home kitchen in downtown Detroit. A then- 23 year-old Brian Rudolph spent late nights— and even earlier mornings— perfecting his recipe for a better pasta.
Brian was no food scientist. And - you can ask his roommate - he wasn’t exactly a chef, either. Just a kid who liked to play with his food and held the belief that his favorite dishes ought to be more nutritious.
He wanted to challenge the food industry to innovate on behalf of the consumer. So he teamed up with his big brother Scott, and brought that passion to grocery shelves across the country. In a little over a year, they have gone from selling in 2 stores to 2,000—from the high-end to the everyday.

I received a variety case to taste and review. I love this pasta!!

Banza variety case contains six boxes:two boxes each of rotini and shells, one box each of penne and elbows. 

At $30 this is a great buy and you get to try every type of pasta that Banza sells.

If you are like me and love getting your products shipped directly to you then you can subscribe to Banza pastas. This will save you the time of running to the store. It will save you the hassle of running out of the pasta you love. Best of all it will save you money!!

You can get a subscription to the variety case or if you have a very favorite then you can subscribe to receive that particular type of pasta. So instead of a case costing you $30 you can subscribe and save 20% making the case only $24.00. You also have the option of receiving your shipment once a month or every 2 months.

Chickpeas make delicious pasta! That’s why they used them to create Banza. They took a household favorite and made it even better, turning the pasta you love into the pasta that loves you back.

With 2x the protein, 4x the fiber, and nearly half the net carbs, you can make every night pasta night!


Regardless of what kind of dish you want to make Banza has a pasta for it!!

You can even go to Banza. Website and click on the recipe tab. They have the most creative and delicious ideas. Here is a direct link to the recipes.


Banza is pasta 2.0. You can ditch the empty carbs in wheat noodles, and treat yourself to double the protein, four times the fiber, and nearly half the net carbs.Eat Banza for dinner and you just might wake up with a six-pack!

I love pasta but in the past I have tried to avoid eating to much because it it's high carbs. Being a protien lover Banza has become a new favorite. It is low in carbs and super high in protein. So bring on the Banza.



The taste, feel and experience of eating pasta are irreplaceable - so don't replace them! Bake your ziti, mac your cheese, pesto the rest-o. Your favorite family meal is back on the menu.
Chickpeas are a secret superfood - they're naturally gluten free, low on the glycemic index, and ours are certified non-GMO. It's ideal for every set of taste buds at your dinner party. Pretty impressive stuff beneath all that protein!

I decided to use my Banza shells to make mac n cheese. It is a family favorite around here and making it from scratch and knowing what goes in it is so much better than the packaged stuff with ingredients you have never heard of.




If you likeBanza then I suggest buying it from the case or subscribing. I store my extra boxes out in the garage pantry and I never have to worry about running out. You can use this direct link to place your order.
Or if you prefer you can use their store locator to find the nearest box of deliciousness:

Make sure you follow Banza on all of their social media pages to stay up to date on your favorite pasta and recipes. 

You can also find them on Instagram:


The scrumptious people at Banza are giving away the same thing they sent to me. One lucky Simple Side of Life winner will get a variety case shipped to them. Enter to win, follow them on all social medias to boost points and tweet daily!