O'Dang Hummus Sauce Review & Giveaway


I never knewhummus could be a sauce, I thought hummus was thick and you dipped pita chips or fresh veggies in it. Was I mistaken... O'Dang Hummus makes this WONDERFUL Humus Sauce that you can put on salads, chicken, dip your chips in, use on noodles or whatever you please.
Plus it's ALL NATURAL, Contains NO DAIRY, NO added oils and NO preservatives.
Plus to top it off ONLY 20 calories or less per serving (2 tbsp per serving)

I received one of each O'Dang Hummus Sauce
Ranch Ranch Revolution
Hummy Mustard
Bombalicious Buffalo

each one is as good as the next. 
but my favorite has to be Ranch Ranch Revolution. 
It's YUMMY! Excellent on Salads and even better for dipping veggies in. 

Caesar O'Dang Hummus Sauce came in second place for me. It was excellent on salad. I never tried it any other way. 
Very good, perfect Caesar with a hint of Parmesan cheese taste. 
I had salad every night till the bottle was empty, it was that good. 

Bombalicious Buffalo is the bomb. This hummus sauce is excellent on EVERYTHING. We use it mostly as a dipping sauce for grilled chicken. I even use it to dip my homemade bread-sticks and pizza in. This O'Dang Hummus Sauce is only 15 calories. 

Hummy Mustard I have only tried in my daily sandwich. I make a yummy veggie sandwich each and every day to take to work. Everything is wrapped up in a fresh whole wheat pita pocket & for the sauce I add O'Dang Hummy Mustard Hummus Sauce. YUMMY!

Eating healthy shouldn’t be punishment. That’s why they created the world’s best healthy dressing. Dairy Free, No Oil Added, No Preservatives, No Fake Ingredients. They worked relentlessly around the clock to create a Hummus Sauce sooo dang good, you would never believe it only has 20 calories or less per serving. Boom Goes That Dynamite!
O' Dang was started by a man & his chickpeas......Most people would think a man and some chickpeas doesn’t add up to much but O’Dang, would they be mistaken. It started as healthy eating for home, but the moment Jesse’s hummus slipped out to the people, the response was an overwhelming wave of “this is ridiculously good.” Met with a chance to put his homemade product to the test in an entrepreneurial competition called The Joust, with just thirty-six hours to prepare, Jesse’s nontraditional take on a traditional dish swept the competition. It was this kind of validation that had Jesse saying:
“Hey, I’ve got nothing to lose; let me run with this.” So far, O’Dang Hummus has been sprinting a marathon and leaving a trail of game-changing recipes as they go.

Once you try O'Dang Hummus Sauce you will be hooked. 

KEEP CALM. THE HUMMUS IS COMING!O'Dang Hummus is currently only available in central Florida's finest retail grocers. Want it in your local grocery store?
ClickHERE to ask for your local retailer to carry this yummy sauce. 
Or you can purchase onlineHERE
Did I mention O'Dang Hummus Sauce was on Shark Tank... It was and now you can get this awesome Shark Tank Special. You get 4 O'Dang Hummus Sauces for a really good deal. 


You really must try this yummy Hummus Sauce. You will be addicted, just like me....

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