Springs Creative Quilt Kit Review & Giveaway


Located in the historic Cotton Factory in downtown Rock Hill, SC, Springs Creative Products Group, LLC sells a variety of textile based products. Springs Creative develops textile-related products in Fabric, Crafts & Accessories, Home & Lifestyle, and Technical & Specialty Fabrics.

When it comes to Springs Creative Craft & Accessories department they develop packaged craft products that complement their broad range of do-it-yourself fabrics. They inspire, with projects that are simple, functional, fun, and easy – including aprons, gift items, and totes suited to a variety of skill levels. Their designs include top licensed brands such as Disney, Nickelodeon, John Deere, and Daisy Kingdom – as well as exclusive runs from the Baxter Mill Archive. 

Springs Creative sent me this SUPER COOL Star Wars quilt kit to review. I was so excited to get started on this project when I received it I rushed to the fabric store right away. 

The kit comes with all the fabric you need to create the front of the quilt. I just had to go buy batting and a backing fabric. Other than that I was able to use all the sewing things at my moms house to put this quilt together. 



The kit includes the pieces in the picture on the left and a set of instructions that walk you through step by step what to cut and how big or small you need each of these pieces. There is really not much waste which I think is fantastic, you just need to measure twice and cut once.

The first thing you need to do is cut each color fabric to its proper size using a cutting mat with lines and a rotary cutter. Having these tools will make youquilting experience a breeze. When you are finished cutting your strips and squares you will also need to cut down the main piece of fabric. It is simple to cut this main piece evenly by folding it down the lines. Fold it in half and then in half again to make a clean and equal cut on both sides of the fabric.
Using pins you follow the step by step instructions to attach the white stormtropper strips of fabric to the top and bottom of your center piece. Remember to make sure your pattern is going the proper direction. You don't want upside down stormtroppers. That would be terrible. LOL Once you have sewn on a piece you will want to iron the back flap down. Make sure to follow directions because it will tell you which directions because it will tell you specifically which direction to press the seam. Next you will sew the blue and black strips together and then attach your side strips to the center piece. 


When putting your squares together you really want tofollow the instructions placing the specific colors to the right or left of each other. It is outlined for you step by step so pay attention and it is pretty simple. 

My main tip is to make sure the fabrics are going the proper direction. Again....no upside down stormtroppers or ship flying the wrong direction. The blue fabric has Star Wars written on it so the lettering will help determine if the ships are right side up or not.

After each sewn piece make sure to iron the seam on the backside the way the instructions direct you to.

Next attach these four corner squares to your top and bottom blue and black stripes.


Finally, attach these top and bottom pieces to the quilt for your finished quilt top. That's it, it's very simple as long as you cut everything properly you should have no issues. 

The colors in this quilt kit are bright and brilliant. The fabric is a very nice quality fabric. The finished product is approximatly 37" x 54" give or take. It is big enough to lay on top of a twin bed. We are going to use ours as a wall hanging in the office. 

We picked out a very cool Star Wars fabric at Jo-Ann Fabric to back it.

These packaged crafts/kits can be found at Hancock Fabrics, Hobby Lobby, Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores, select Michaels stores, and Walmart, also at quilt shops and catalog retailers throughout the United States and Canada.

This kit sells for about $25 dollars but I have seen them on sale for $17 so they are super affordable and can be a really fun project for you and your little one. I think it is important to spend quality time doing crafts 

together with family and is much more exciting than watching another re run on tv. It's also an excellent way to learn how to sew and quilt or teach your child how. I love this quilt so much I think I am going to enter it into the fair this summer and get my free ticket in. 

Springs Creative has a number of different quilting and crafting options so check out their website >>  http://springscreative.com/

Follow them on their social media pages to and keep up to date with new project ideas as well as products and where you can find them.


Springs Creative is giving away one quilt kit to a lucky Simple Side of Life reader. Good Luck Everyone!!!!