Meta 73 Reusable K Cups/K Carafe Review & Discount Code

Meta73 - Transcendent Goods produces coffee accessories where gaps in the market exist. Products that solve problems for consumers while agonizing over details to satisfy the most discerning and demanding.
Meta73 was born to go beyond the quality and expectations buyers typically experience. Transcendent Goods has grown from a tagline into their ethos, driving their product line, becoming their true north. They look forward to connecting with you on this journey.
 I drink a TON of coffee, in fact I don't know what I would do without it. I drink it in the morning and throughout the entire day. Big pots of coffee would get cold or kinda stale tasting and if I didn't drink the whole thing I felt like I was wasting. There are a few factors that made me switch to using a keurig. With the Keurig I get a fresh cup of coffee or tea every time.
There are two things that I struggle with being a Keurig user and I'm sure every Keuring owner already knows what these struggles are.

First off K Cups are just toooooo expensive. I have spend way too much money buying these tiny cups that you only use once and then toss into that ever growing pile of k cup trash. I could build a castle out of the amount K cups I have thrown away.

These awesome MetaCups are the solution to this problem. With these re-fillable, re-useable cups there is no need to spend my entire paycheck on coffee. Not only does it save me money but I can now put any brand of coffee I love into my Keurig. I can buy whole beans and grind them how I want them and use my favorite flavors and roasts.

The MetaCups also allow me to dump my used grounds into a container and put them into my garden. I use grounds to create a border around my veggies to keep out slugs and critters so they won't munch on my plants.

The amazing people at Meta73 Transcendant Goods sent me two packs of MetaCups. I received the MetaCups 2.0 reusable K Cup for Keurig 2.0 brewing systems.  The reusable 2.0 K-cup coffee filters work seamlessly in all Keurig 2.0 Brewers - K200, K300, K400, K500 Series and Keurig 1.0 single server coffee maker.

My second struggle with pre-filled K-Cups is, as I mentioned before the amount of trash. Being a girl from Northern California I am always aware of how much trash we are polluting Mother Nature with. Adding 5 K-Cups a day to the landfills that clog our Earth just does not sit right with me.

Using these Eco-Friendly, 100% BPA free MetaCups allows me to feel better about drinking my fresh cup of coffee. 

You can buy these fantastic purple cups with dolphins on them individually or in a three pack. They are durable and affordable. In the past I have had other brands of these and the lids broke off quickly. MetaCups are tough enough to last again and again without any issue.
I also received the MetaCups reusable K Carafe K Cup and 2.0 coffee filter gift set. With this incredible MetaCups reusable K Carafe K Cups you can brew up to five mouthwatering cups of coffee simultaneously for Keurig 2.0 machines. 

BREW ANY SIZE COFFEE FROM 4-30oz: The reusable K-Carafe 2.0 brews all Carafe sizes: 2-3 cups, 3-4 cups, 4-5 cups (16-30oz) and The reusable K-cup 2.0 brews single cups of coffee from 4-10oz and Travel mug sizes 12-16oz.

The gift set is awesome. I love being able to have the option of brewing either one cup for myself or make multiple cups when I have friends over. No more one cup at a time where one guest gets their coffee and the other have to wait. The carafe will brew enough for everyone.

Meta73 is offering Simple Side of Life Readers a really excellent discount on their product so take advantage of this while you can.  

20% off till April 30, 2016. Use code SSOL20 at checkout!!!!

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