Fancy Fortune Cookies Review

Mather's Day is right around the corner. 
This year get your Mom or a wonderful women in your life something different. 
Fancy Fortune Cookies. 


These YUMMY fortune cookies have a wonderful all natural vanilla flavor, each one hand-dipped and decorated.
They come filled with special Mother's day sayings. 

Each one of these classic gourmet vanilla fortune cookies are dipped in a luscious  Belgian chocolate (dark, milk or white) and decorate with candy sprinkles and pretty spring blossoms.
Perfect for any Mother's Day event!

Fancy Fortune Cookies are the freshest fortune cookies I have ever had. They are thicker then most fortune cookies, 
They have a really good vanilla taste to them.  On the outside of each cookie is either dark, milk or white chocolate, then on-top of that are sprinkles or a fine sugar and then a cute sugar flower tops it off. 
Each cookie comes individually wrapped and will stay fresh up to 12 weeks. 

Once you open your cookie you will find cute Mother's Day messages inside like:

A mother always has to 
think twice: once for herself 
and once for her child. 

A mom's hug lasts long 
after she lets go. Thanks!

You can fool some of the people 
some of the time, 
but you can't fool Mom.  

Biology is the least of what 
makes someone a mother.  
~Oprah Winfrey

There is no way to be a 
perfect mother, and a 
million ways to be a good one.

When you have a child, you
decide forever to let your heart 
go walking outside your body.

Each individually wrapped Fancy Fortune Cookies costs 99 cents and you must purchase 12 at a time. 
These would be cute in a gift basket to your Mom. 
Fancy Fortune Cookies doesn't just sell the typical fortune cookie you would get at your local Chinese restaurant. 
If your looking for something special they have 

Traditional Vanilla, Orange, Raspberry, Strawberry, Blueberry, Cherry, Fruit Punch, Cappuccino, Graham Cracker, Mint, Apple, and Chocolate.

You will not be disappointed with these cookies. 
Excellent for any occasion.