Ladera Foods Review & Free Bag w/Purchase

Family values are the guiding forces behind Ladera Granola. The original recipe started in the kitchen of a Stanford Medical Doctor and loving mother of three. With her kids’ best interests at heart, she created foods that promoted their active lifestyles while appealing to their demanding tastes. This vision has since grown beyond the confines of Ladera to support a vibrant healthy and active community across the country.
Ladera Foods makes three super delicious, kid friendly, taste bud friendly granola blends.  Each blend is made with simple ingredients that almost anyone can find in their kitchen. It does not have a bunch of ingredients you can't pronounce or don't recognize. These blends are created out of foods you can feel safe feeding to your kids.
Ladera bakes all their granola in small batches at low temperatures keeping the flavors and health benefits intact.

They recognize the struggle in adopting a diet that is low in sugar and high in protein. The available options can be difficult to swallow so Ladera aims to make this transition seamless by replacing the processed sugars with rich natural flavors. Their goal is to keep you feeling satisfied throughout the day and power you through.

Their Almond Pecan Granola is made with California grown almonds and pecans. It has 3 grams of protein 

in every 1/4 cup and contains a very minimal amount of sugar. 

Chocolate Almond Granola is a favorite in my house as you can see in the picture above it is nearly gone already.

It is made with California grown almonds, hand mixed with whole grain oats, and infused with a rich blend of olive oil, maple syrup and rich cocoa. 

The Chocolate Almond Granola also has 3 grams of protein in every 1/4 to give you the boost you need to kick start your day. Eat it by itself, in a cup of yogurt or bake some delicious cookies with it. How every you choose to devour it is up to you. You will love it I promise.

Ladera Foods came up with their newest blend Pumpkin Quinoa Granola because they were asked by schools to create something they could serve in their cafeterias. So many kids these days have allergies that have cause schools to be very cautious of what is served and even what is brought on campus. I know that because of nut allergies some schools even ask parents not to pack peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in their kids lunch for fear that another child could get a hold of it or come into contact with it.

Ladera Foods was given the challenge to come up with something safe, nutritious and delicious for kids to eat and Ladera Foods was successful. They created Pumpkin Quinoa Granola and I will tell you.....IT IS DELICIOUS!! 

I am a granola lover and was actually surprised at how much I love this blend. It has the perfect amount of sweetness. It's sweetened with maple syrup and brown sugar.

It is totally nut free so you can feel safe serving this to your kid, your kids friends and even send a bag of it to school with your little one.

Ladera Foods all started with Brian's mother's original granola recipe, what is now known as the Almond Pecan Granola. Brian baked that granola throughout college and after graduating, started selling, marketing, and distributing, to local markets in Northern California. If you live in Northern California look for Ladera Foods Granola in your local stores. 

You can also buy Ladera Foods Granola on their website and if you place an order over $25 then shipping is FREE. Even better than that, when you buy this delicious granola on their site you can add a note at checkout saying "Simple Side of Life" and they will include A FREE BAG OF GRANOLA !!!

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