Aloha Hawaiian Stores, The Original Donkey Balls Store Review & Giveaway (5 winners)


Once upon a time, Kona Nightingale carried the freshly harvested macnuts from the fertile volcanic hills. An uncracked Hawaiian macnut looks much like a ball. Men processing the macnuts would laugh and say "here comes the Donkey Balls". And so began a tale of two balls.

All of The Original Donkey Ball products are made right in our store/factor.  Their mission is simple: sell top quality products made in Hawaii. Their online store lets you to purchase products right from our factory store including Gourmet Chocolates and Coffees, as well as some additional novelty items. Not only can you buy delicious chocolate balls but you can also buy sugars, rubs and sauces.

I received the most amazing package of goodies to review and enjoy from The Donkey Balls Store.


As everyone knows I am a huge coffee lover so I am super excited to be able to brew my own fresh cup of Donkey Ball Store House Roast every morning when I wake up. This 100% Kona Coffee is delicious and takes you back to Hawaii as you sip it's smooth, rich flavor from you warm mug. Close your eyes and imagine you are waking up on the Island and it will start your day out right. 

This House Roast is not too overwhelming with no bitter aftertaste at all. Drink it black or pour a splash of cream in into it. I like to be be able to taste it's true flavor so I don't add sugar of flavored cream but some of you may prefer that. I think it's perfect just how it is. You can purchase this in 7 oz and 16 oz bags either in whole bean or ground directly from the website.

I am obsessed with this Coconut Macadamia Nut brittle. As you can see I ate it and couldn't put it down. I had to force myself to save enough for the picture. It is sooooooo good it didn't last long and now I need some more. It is the perfect blend of sweet coconut and macadamia nut. I am a huge peanut brittle fan but this beat the pants off any brittle I have ever tried or made.

Kona Made Brittles come in 6oz packages and you can choose from Coconut Mac Nut (Hawaiian Coconut and Mac Nuts), Kona Coffee Mac Nut (100% Kona Coffee Ground and Brewed with Hawaiian Mac Nuts) and Kona Beer

I must try them all! The Kona Coffee Mac Nut sounds so good. How could it not be amazing since I  know already their coffee is perfection. Yummmmy!!



<These Milk Chocolate Sea Turtles with Caramel, Mac Nut and sea salt are taste and hilarious. They look like Donkey plops hahaha but taste like heaven. They are milky smooth chocolate, a bite of chewy caramel and then they have the crunch from the macadamia nut center.

The Chickin Balls that I received >
are one of many flavors. I think I got the best ones because I love both lemon and cheesecake. These lemon cheese chicken balls are smooth and melt in your mouth.They are creamy all the way through and have no nuts. mmmmmm good :)  Grab a hand full of these balls and toss them in your mouth, you won't regret it and you will want to eat the entire bag at once.


I received the Salt N Vinegar Mac Nuts and they are awesome. I have always loved Macadamia nuts but I have never had them salted. I have always had them plain or chocolate coated. I really love them salted and with vinegar. These nuts are very high in protein making them an excellent snack before a long day or a tough workout.

 Choose Salt n Pepper, Sugar n Cayenne, Sweet Mesquite, Garlic n Onion, or Roasted!Tasty Macadmia Nuts. Choose Salt n Pepper, Sugar n Cayenne, Sweet Mesquite, Garlic n Onion, or Roasted!



< Numb Nuts have a bit of a bite to them. They are Hawaiian mac nuts covered in dark chocolate and pure habanero extract. So if you like spicy balls you will enjoy these Numb Nuts.

> The Boar Balls are one of my favorite. I love Fresh Balls, there is nothing better than this combination of delicious dark chocolate with a hint of mint coating a crunchy macadamia nut. Boar balls come in 8 awesome flavors, Thph Thph (chocolate covered with a hint of raspberry), Sunkissed (white chocolate & hint of orange), Prickly (semisweet & white chocolate with pineapple hint), Crusty (rich chocolate with toffee bits), Kiawe Smoked (rolled 


in Kiawe Smoked Sea Salt) , Toasted (cinnamon & powdered sugar tastes like cinnamon toast) and Hot Boar Balls (HOT Cayanne Powder).

The Blue Balls are my second favorite of the Donkey Balls. In fact this picture is missing half the ball because I ate it before I could take the picture LOL. They are a super fun color blue. These Blue Balls are Hawaiian Grown Grade A Macadamia Nuts Covered in Semisweet Chocolate and then a Layer of white Chocolate colored blue.

You get the best of both worlds.....a layer of semisweet mixed with white chocolate. These Blue Balls are so much better than any other Blue Balls you have had in your life.

These are such a fun gift and hilarious to pass around at a party or BBQ. We had some friends over and offer them to taste our Blue Balls. Everyone had a good laugh and a delicious treat.

Salty Balls are perfect for the lovers of sweet and salty. I personally can't get enough sweet and salty treats so I truly enjoyed these. In fact I think there is only one of these left in the bag because everyone thinks they are amazing.

These are Available in Dark or Milk Chocolate and rolled in sea salt.



Kona Gogo Beans are Chocolate Covered 100% KonaCoffee Beans. Choose Dark and White Chocolate Mix OR Milk and White Chocolate mix covered 100% Kona Peaberry espresso beans. You can also get a bag of only milk chocolate or only dark chocolate if you prefer. Choose 4oz or 8oz

I recieved the dark & white chocolate mix, they are sooo good. Chocolate and coffee go hand in hand so you can't go wrong buying these tiny bite sized sweet and crunchy treats.


The Donkey Ball Store even has sauces, rubs, honey, salts and sugars.

I received the Numb Nuts Cavewoman Sauce. My man loves it on everything. I had it on steak and loved it. It is full of flavor and adds a touch of spice to anything you put it on. We have been BBQs. It's a great item to have on the table as well as a good conversation piece.

These are hot sauces that have the taste of the islands, with a fun name and come in delicious and different flavors like Mustard, Banana, Mango, Pineapple, Zombie Repellant, Cavevwoman, Caveman.


You can buy all of these items and way more at The Donkey Ball Store if you are lucky enough to live or visit Hawaii. They have over 118 products to choose from.

You can also purchase all of these off of The Donkey Ball Store website and have it shipped directly to your home.


The delicious people of The Donkey Ball Store are offering an amazing giveaway. 5 winners will each pick one of the popularity trios.