Super Grip Lock Review & Giveaway



Super Grip Lock is perfect for people that rent or travel and stay in hotels. 
Super Grip Lock attaches to and wraps around the deadbolt handle and doorknob or lever handle when the deadbolt is in the locked position to prevent the handle from turning so the bolt cannot be disengaged until the Strap is removed. Your door will remain locked even if someone has your key they can’t get in until the Strap is removed which is a prudent way you can protect yourself.

ABOUT SUPER GRIP LOCK“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Benjamin Franklin was right of course and his advice can benefit those who know the facts. Super Grip Lock is industry tested and highly endorsed by Police. It’s made with the durable self-locking hook & loop fabric which is easily modified and can be made to work on most deadbolts even the double cylinder:

  1. If your deadbolt locks on the inside with a key simply turn the key to the locked position then slip the Elastic Pocket over the key and wrap the fabric around the key in the direction required to lock your deadbolt go under the doorknob or lever handle lift up until snug and firmly press the fabric together. It’s simple to do and we recommend you use a heavy duty key. If you buy a new key make sure it fits into the black Elastic Pocket before you buy it.
  2. If your deadbolt was NOT installed using the standard deadbolt/doorknob template then the distance between the deadbolt and doorknob may be greater than the standard distance. In this case: Super Grip Lock may need to be lengthened and it’s simple. Press on 6 inches of 1-inch wide double-sided hook & loop fabric found at your local fabric store to the end of the Strap with the length of fabric you need to secure the deadbolt handle in the locked position.
  3. If your deadbolt turn-handle is smaller than normal size it can slip out of the Elastic Pocket. In this case, simply make a small slit in the center of the Strap 1/2 inch below the Triangle Eyelet then fit the tip of the deadbolt handle into the slit, then holding the fabric in place; wrap as directed; it’s easy to do just be careful when making the slit.

  1. WHILE LOCKED, slip the Black Elastic Pocket or Eyelet (located at the end of the Strap) over the Tip of the Deadbolt Handle/Key.
  2. WRAP once around Handle or Key in the Direction required to lock Deadbolt go under the Doorknob lift up until snug.
  3. FIRMLY PRESS the self-locking fabric together.

Super Grip Lock is such a good idea. I never realized how easy it is to open someones door. You can buy bump keys online to open doors so easily. If you can't afford a "bump resistant lock"
Super Grip Lock is a MUST for your home.
Keep your family safe. 

Read Below about bump keys
_ What would you do if you knew anyone could buy a key online that opened locked doors and they could walk right into your home any time they wanted? Well, guess what? Bump Keys are available online.
Bump Keys open locked doors nearly as fast as a working key and threaten the life of nearly every family in America. Bump Keys have been in the news in various cities but most are still unaware they even exist. It’s shocking our government has not banned their sales nor have they warned the public they’re at risk. So murders, rapists, child molesters and other felons can buy Bump Keys online, walk in, and end the peace of mind families once had or worse; even if you own nothing of value you’re at risk.

Click ABC – Bump Key News or enter “Bump Key News” in your internet browser/search engine and view other trusted news sources that know exactly why American families are at risk.

HOW TO PROTECT YOURSELF Learn the Facts: Bump Key crimes are preventable and knowing that can save your life and the life of those you love. You can protect yourself by installing Bump Resistant Locks. They are available in lock shops, some hardware stores and online. But, BEFORE you buy them learn the facts: Enter “bump resistant locks” in your internet browser/search engine and make sure you get the one that’s right for you. If you can’t install them yourself call your local locksmith.

If you rent, don't have a "bump resistant lock" or travel and stay in hotels ENTER BELOW..... One LUCKY Simple Side of Life viewer will win a Super Grip Lock.