Strauss Meats Review & $$ off Coupons

The Strauss family is committed to raising the very best meats — ethically raised, family farmed and masterly butchered. They are driven by a strong ethical commitment to improve the welfare of their animals, and the environment for our children’s future. Their community of farmers and butchers are dedicated to making a difference – good for the animals, good for the Earth, and good for you.
I have always been a huge animal lover and being raised in Nor-Cal I have also always been aware of where my food comes from as well as how it's raised. At one point I was even a vegetarian due my concern for animal welfare. I have been eating meats again for years and have found that there are meat companies such as Strauss Meats that also have a concern for the animals quality of life. I really, really love Strauss Meats because of this as well as the delicious cuts of meat and varieties they have to offer.
Strauss is an exceptional leader in providing sustainable and humanely raised meats—a passion driven by their own families’ personal commitment to living a natural, sustainable, and organic lifestyle. They work with like-minded family farmers and ranchers who are committed to raising their animals with the same passion and ethical standards. Their commitment to the welfare of our animals extends throughout the processing phase. Working with renowned animal-welfare advocate Dr. Temple Grandin and Dr. Kurt Vogel, University of Wisconsin-River Falls, they have implemented even higher standards of care in their facility. These improvements minimize stress, increase comfort and improve the safe handling of their calves. 
I was able to go to my local Whole Foods and find a handful of Strauss Free Raised Veal products. I had never had veal until then and I really enjoyed it. The difference between Strauss Free Raised Veal and any other veal is their calves are free raised and live their lives as nature intends. Their calves have unlimited access to mother’s milk, free of antibiotics and growth hormones and are always free to roam on natural open pastures alongside mother and herd. They never experience the stresses of industrial farming.
Strauss Meats website is really cool. They have an entire recipe section that you can click on. Once you get to their recipe page you can choose from the "collection" drop down menu, appetizers & sides, celebrity chefs, comfort foods, holiday meals, make mom smile, quick & easy, summer grilling, weeknight meals. You can also choose your type of protein, beef, veal or lamb .......then pick your cut and chef.
          One of the meat cuts we picked was Free Raised Veal scallopini/cultlets. The meat was super tender and easy to cut. 
First we chopped up the Free Raised Veal into bite sized squares and added butter to the pan. Once the pan is hot, just cook Free Raised Veal until lightly browned. Be careful not to over cook it. If you do cook it too long the veal can become tough. Cook up your noodles in a different pot so they are finished at the same time as your Free Raised Veal.  We also cooked some spinach and bacon to add to the dish. After everything is cooked we made a sauce.
It's a rich and creamy lemon sauce. Here is what we put together to make the sauce:

1/3 stick butter
1 cup milk or heavy cream
lemon pepper to flavor
2 tbsp flour to thicken sauce (optional)

The free raised veal is so tasty, so soft and tender. It was the first time I have ever had veal and I truly loved it. I am a huge fan of Strauss Meats now and forever. I'm so glad my local Whole Foods carries this brand. 

The last step was to just toss everything together and warm to your liking. Then serve it up in a bowl. I swear it is so delicious. I ate the leftovers cold the next day. Yummy!!!
The second Strauss Meat product we picked up from Whole Foods was the Free Raised Veal Chorizo. This Chorizo is perfect for tacos, bean dips, nachos and so much more. If you have never had chorizo before, it has a bit of spice to it and can be used in recipes kind of like a ground beef. 
We made breakfast out of our Strauss Chorizo and added it to our scrambled eggs. Then we put it in a tortilla, topped it with cheese and I added sour cream because I love sour cream on anything I can have it on. We rolled them up and ate them as breakfast burritos. They are amazing!! I can't wait to have them again.
You can find Strauss Meats at a store near you using the product locator on their website. Just type in your zip code and it will bring up a list of stores. 

If you would like a money saving coupon for your next Strauss Meats purchase all you need to do is visit them on facebook and post a recipe that you would cook using your Strauss Meat AND mention you read my Simple Side of Life review.