Kaytee Pet Products Rat Cage Review

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I love Kaytee products, I have purchased an unknown amount of them. I have had a ton of rats, mice, hamsters and rabbits in my life and at the moment I have narrowed it down to 5 rats. (Well.... and a snake and 4 dogs.)  I love my rats and try my best to give them a happy life. Kaytee makes tons of yummy snacks and food options that I buy on the regular.

I have also used a ton of different brand water bottles and have struggled more than you would think. Some bottles just drip/leak all over the bedding and some bottles won't drip when you want them to. The poor rats get no water when trying to drink. With Kaytee brand water bottles I know for sure that the bedding stays dry and my rats are getting water.

My rats are family to me so I want to best for them and Kaytee helps me provide the best. I have 3 girls, Sheri Moon (solid black), Peppermint Patty (Naked Dumbo) and Curly Sue (Curly Dumbo). They live together in one cage. Then I have two boys, Rob Z and lil Roblet (both hooded). These two guys live in their new Kaytee Rat Home that Kaytee provided me. They LOVE it!! I love it!!!

Rob Z and lil Roblet are super happy in their new home, they love to sleep underneath the overhang. I even put a tiny home in there with them but they flipped it over and still just slept under the overhang so that tells me that the cage provides my guys with a safe haven. A place they can tuck away and cozy up. They run up and down their little ladder to eat. I like the solid ladder because it is very easy to keep clean and I know their feet won't slip through.
The Kaytee Rat Home cage is sooooo easy to assemble and take apart. I completely take it apart every time I clean the bedding out. It's light weight and snap together design makes it a cinch to pop it apart, put it in the tub, shower or outside by the hose and wash it off. I wash EVERYTHING, I don't just change the bedding. I actually scrub every piece with soap, dry it and then add new bedding. 
The food bowl just sits inside of the pre-cut hole in the plastic. I think it's a great feature having the food dish upstairs and out of the bedding. My girls cage is much different and their feeder bowl hangs low in the cage. It sits on top of the bedding and the ladies are always, always kicking bedding into the food. It's tough to keep clean. Having the nifty bowl in the upstairs of the Kaytee Rat Home prevent this problem entirely. Being able to set the food bowl into the plastic hole keeps the dish from tipping over and spilling food everywhere. Having a secure bowl that's unable to spill saves me a ton of money in rat food. It truly limits the waste.
This Kaytee Rat Home is a total of 5 pieces including a food bowl. The little level that holds the food bowl snaps onto the wire on the cage so you can choose how high or low you want it to be. The ladder has two simple snaps that attach it to the upper level. 
The cage has a deep base so it holds bedding inside better than some other wire cages I have had in the past. I love the deep base for that because it minimizes needing to sweep up around the cage. Glass cages/fish tanks prevent this issue but what I don't like about using fish tanks is the major lack of air circulation and also the heavy weight of the tank makes it tough to clean and move around. 

The Kaytee Rat Home cage area has 6 wire tongues that slip into grooves/slots in the lip of the base. I tried to show it in the picture on the left. There are two on each side and one on each end. The end ones have clips that latch tight over the base lip to keep the cage in place.

The wire is chew proof. My rats have nibbled on spots but they left no damage other than color change. They nibbled a lil white off but the wire holds strong. The cage has a large door that is easy to open and closes securely just by tucking into the wire so there's no fussing with complicated latches and it has a wide enough opening to get in there and grab your pet out. My Rob Z likes to just come out and climb around but lil Roblet is on the shy side so I find the wide opening makes it easy for me to get him out for snuggle time and cage cleaning. I need to get a second one of these Kaytee Rat Homes for the girls now.
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