Oh Snap! Pickling Co. Review & Giveaway (5 Winners)


Oh Snap! Pickling Co. is changing the way people think about pickles. Sure, they’re still cute, green, and incredibly delicious. But now,pickles are fresher, with no added brine (no messy pickle juice), and available in convenient, single-serve individually wrapped packaging. Oh Snap! does pickles. And, they do them oh so well!

Fresh Whole Kosher Dill Pickle:
This is the classic dill flavor loved by kids and well just about everyone. These fresh, individually wrapped, whole kosher dill pickles make on-the-go snacking more fun and easier than ever.

Whole Hot N' Spicy Pickle:

Give your pickle a snappy roundhouse kick. The individually wrapped pickle is mildly spicy, providing a smooth and zesty heat that serves as a wake up call to your ordinary day


I received an awesome package ofOh Snap! Pickling Co. products. I got to try a few of each item they sell and I am loving them all. If you know me then you know I am a HUGEpickle fanatic. There is nothing better than ajuicy delicious snack that hasNO CALORIES!! Oh Snap! Pickling Co. takes all the mess and fuss out of eating pickles without loosing any of the juicy goodness.

I have also been loving these Dilly Bites on my sandwiches. My man is a spicy kind of guy so he prefers the Hottie Bites on his sandwich. These pouches are so cool, we just grab out a few of the slices and lay them in our sandwiches and we are good to go. I roll the tops of the bags up and put them in a snack bag to keep them fresh for next time.

Add these Dilly Bites and Hottie Bites to anything you love pickles on or anything you want to add a juicy crunch to. A ton of flavor and no calories or added guilt. I'm one of those people that love crunch in my sandwich but I need to watch what I eat so instead of putting chips in my sandwiches I just stack on the Dilly Bites.

Oh Snap!! It is delicious and healthy!!!!   :) 

Oh Snap! Pickling Co. makes these awesome pre-sliced bags of pickles. They are super convenient to snack on. These are seriously perfect for packing in your kids lunch or in your purse. You can toss one in your gym bag for an after workout pick me up. I work outside in my art shop and get hungry throughout the day. I like having a snack that isn't messy because I can't just wash my hands easily. Oh Snap! Dilly Bites have made my life a snap because now I can work, keep the bag of bites open and just poke my fork in to take a single bite. I don't have to slice it up or get my hands messy.


Oh Snap! Gone Dilly! Fresh Whole Kosher Dill Pickles and Hottie! Whole hot n' spicy pickles are also an incredible pouch pickle. I love these because there is no brine to pour out before you eat it. You just tear open the top of the pouch, push the pickle up and take a bite. Yummmmy!!! 

One of my favorite snacks is kind of a strange one but it's sooooo good and also great to serve at parties. You can put a toothpick in each round and people can grab them up to munch on while they chat with other party goers. 

You take a tortilla and smear a decent layer of cream cheese across the entire thing. I love cream cheese so I tend to go a little heavy on it. Next you put a layer of any type of meat you prefer over the cream cheese. I like to mix it up so I use deli sliced chicken, sliced turkey or on this day I used salami. The next thing you

add is abig juicy whole pickle. My Oh Snap! Gone Dilly was perfect for me and the Oh Snap! Hottie is perfect for the more spicy people. Once you get your Oh Snap! Whole pickle on the tortilla you roll the tortilla up around the delicious pickle and then slice it into whatever size you choose. If you want to serve this to others you can place toothpicks into the wrap to hold it together as well as sort of space out where you want to slice. Then they can grab it off the plate by the toothpick and they are all set to snack

I love these little bites of heaven so I recommend you give them a try. Oh Snap! Gone Dilly made this super simple to make. You can bring these ingredients camping, pop them in the cooler and serve the kids and your friends a refreshing treat.

Look for Oh Snap! Pickle Co. pickles pouches at a store near you. Check out your local Target, Walmart, Albertson's, Food Lion and more.


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