FIT Organic Household Supplies Review

FIT Organic provides a unique approach to cleaning your home. Unlike other so-called "Natural" brands, FIT Organic products contain NO SYNTHETIC DETERGENTS and NO ARTIFICIAL SURFACTANTS of any kind. 
FIT Organic is different!  They make organic soaps the way it was done over a hundred years ago.  They start with only certified organic plant-based oils and mix them together with natural minerals to create their unique formulas.

They go way beyond just "Natural" - all of their products are CERTIFIED USDA ORGANIC by the prestigious Oregon Tilth Company (OTCO).  This means you can safely use their products knowing you aren't exposing yourself or your loved ones to harmful chemicals, as well as preventing more polluting chemicals from entering our environment.

FIT Organic is, also proudly a cruelty-free company, that is, they conduct no animal testing what-so-ever. They also use non-GMO ingredients for all of their products. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has reviewed all of their certified USDA organic cleaning products, and they have received an "A" report card!

They not only promise the organic certification, they also promise their products will clean well! FIT Organic promises the best of both worlds: best in class cleaning, while also being certified USDA Organic.

I received an amazing variety of FIT Organic products to try. I was so excited to be able to test this product out for myself. I received liquid Laundry Detergent, Hand/Dish Soap, Laundry & Carpet Stain Remover, Fruit & Vegetable Wash and a bottle of their Lime, Calcium & Rust Remover.
Fit liquid Laundry Detergent seriously cleans your clothes. I personally have used a lot of different organic, pure and free, clean and clear yada yada yada type detergents and more often then not they do not work or my clothes don't come out smelling clean and I have to add fabric softeners and run them through again so they don't smell dingy. Fit Organic really works! I can wash my sweaty, dirty, icky clothes and they come out smelling clean. The Fit Organic detergent I am using doesn't have a scent but the clothes smell clean. There is no stinky residue or left over smell of my last workout. Some times detergents that have too much scent infused in them can make me sneeze or irritate my skin, leaving me itchy or rashy. Fit Organic is clean, it is free of perfumes, dyes, and harsh chemicals, so it’s gentle on skin as well as fabrics. You can purchase it in fresh lemongrass tangerine, free 
and clear and also a baby detergent. These detergents come in 100oz bottles and sell for about $15.99 which is an excellent price compared to other brands.
Fit Organic Laundry & carpet stain remover works wonders at getting those little stains out. I can't even count the amount of stains I remove from t-shirts in particular. Those little grease drops that land on the front of your shirt that fall from the last thing you ate and leave that forever reminder that you should has worn a bib. LOL Fit Organic stain remover takes those right out. Just spray and let sit for a few minutes, then toss into the wash and those tiny stains are gone for good.....or until your next meal at least. You can also use this to spray on your carpets to remove yucky stains left by you kids, party guests or in my home, mostly by my pets. I spray this on whatever disgusting filth was left for me on my carpets and rug and then steam clean it right up. Magic, I love this spray, it keeps my home looking as if I didn't have a house full of wild animals and clumsy family & friends.
 I have also used a number of lime, calcium and rust removers that don't work so of course I was skeptical when I saw this bottle. It was the first thing I put to the test. I looked around at what I could try it out on and found that my kitchen sink sprayer was dingy and icky. I followed the directions and soaked it in a small bowl of Fit Organic lime, calcium & rust remover. I let it sit for maybe 10-15 minutes and then pulled it out, 
wiped it off with a sponge and it actually truly cleaned it. I was in shock. I find myself trying to find things to use it on now.....what can I clean....will it work on this? Will it work on that? Yep, yep it does. It also works in your washing machine. You know how your washer gets that funky smell that you just can't seem to get out? Then all your clothes kind of take on that same scent so you try to over power it with fabric softener? Well Fit Organic lime, calcium & rust remover will help you with that too. Just add it directly to your washer. Don't put it in the soap thingy just put it right into the drum part and run a regular cycle with no detergent.
Fit Organic Fruit & Vegetable wash has been a blessing in my home. I have a beautiful garden, gardening is a passion of mine and this year we are already harvesting daily so knowing I can wash my fresh veggies with a wash that is pure, natural, organic and clean makes me feel safe and proud to serve my veggies to everyone. Once I cut them from the plants I bring them straight inside and spray them with the wash. I let it kind of sit on the veggies and then scrub it off and rinse it under the water. This way I can feel secure putting the veggies so that anyone who grabs them out to cook them can do so without the hassle of cleaning them.
Fit Organic also makes a duel hand/dish soap that is ever so gentle on your hands. It comes in a cool little foam pump bottle and is sold in free & clear and the delicious lemongrass tangerine scent. I love that is serves both purposes so there is no need to have multiple bottles piled up on my sink.
Fit Organic makes a TON of products so check them out, try them out and visit their website and social media pages for more info.

Not only can you get them at a store local to you but you can also buy them directly from the website.

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