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Meduri World Delights makes some wonderful dried fruits. 
By far this is the B
EST dried fruit I have ever had. 
Every weekend my boyfriend and I do something outdoors
hiking, kayaking, swimming at a waterfall or lake or jet skiing
We always take snacks that are good for you, filling and nutritious. 
Meduri World Delights dried fruit is my new go to snack and the
Strawberry Rhubarb Bites is my favorite. 

Meduri World Delights is the largest makers of fine dried fruit in Oregon, but you may of not have heard of them. That's because they haven’t offered their unique, luscious “delights” to the public until recently.
(And the response has been overwhelming.)

For many years, their family has traveled the world to select the highest quality fruit at their peak of juicy ripeness. Mandarin oranges from orchards in China. Morello cherries from Eastern Europe. Peaches and blackberries from Chile. Lingonberries from Scandinavia. Pink Lady apples from the Pacific Northwest.
They prepare them using their own Meduri method that carefully captures each fruit’s best flavor and texture.

Cinnamon Fuji Apples & Kayaking
Our “Recipe”We select the finest fruit picked at its most flavorful from orchards around the world. Then we prepare each variety on our Oregon farm using our unique Meduri method, as we have for many years.
We place each variety separately in special shallow trays, in small batches, just as you would at home. This way, we can capture the distinctive flavor and texture of each fruit in every piece. (And we check each piece twice before it carries our family name.)
To some of our fruits, we add other natural fruit flavors to create unusual treats like our Razzcherries® (cherries infused with natural berry juice) and Coconut/Chili/Lime Spiced Diced Granny Smith apples. We use only the finest, natural ingredients, with no preservatives, to create the most luscious "delights" you’ve ever tasted. Like our rich chocolate fruit truffles and our moist, gourmet granola Delights – all ready to enjoy or to share. And our many fruits and mixes make creative additions to salads, muffins, entrees, desserts, and snacks.
$10 off any $49 order with offer code WEB6SS the offer is good until December 1, 2016.


Cinnamon Fuji Apples
These were my second favorite dried fruit. 
They are so moist, so fresh and so refreshing. It's like biting into a fresh apple with a slight cinnamon coating. DELICIOUS!
We enjoyed these while kayaking a few weeks ago. 

The Fuji apple has a very unique history. Originally from Japan, it is a cross between the Red Delicious and Ralls Janet, which, by the way, is an antique variety that dates all the way back in Thomas Jefferson. Known as Tohoku apples, in Japan, this variety was first established in 1939. It wasn't until the early 1960s, that they were introduced to America with a new name.

Known for a superb juicy-sweet flavor, we've added a touch cinnamon to make a very special Meduri exclusive. This all-natural dried fruit is a long time customer favorite. If you love apples and cinnamon, you absolutely must try these


I have never had a dried orange till now. These are wonderful. Hoestly if you weren't eating these oranges out of a bag you would hardly know they are dried. They are still very moist & juicy. If you let them sit in your mouth for a second it's like they come back to life. EXCELLENT another top favorite from Meduri World Delights. 
Mandarin Orange Slices get a bad rep in the USA. Mostly because they are often seen swimming in sugary syrup. That's not the case with our Mandarin Orange Slices, which are harvested and then gently dried. As such, the natural flavor is given a chance to shine.

Because they've been prepared in small batches in the Meduri method, this all-natural dried fruit is bursting with a light, fresh sweetness. Our Mandarin Orange Slices add a complexity to snacks and muffins, as well as a delicate, sweet note to salads. You won't find Mandarin Orange Slices like this anywhere but Meduri World Delights.


I keep these on my desk at work. I only eat 2-3 a day. They are my afternoon snack to keep me going till the end of my work day. Sort of tart, tangy and sweet all in one bite, and very good. 

If you think choosing grapefruit is a hit or miss gamble, hoping for sweetness but getting too much tartness, you must try our grapefruit slices. Every bite is consistently sweet and juicy with red grapefruit flavor.

Our exceptional variety comes from the only two major grapefruit growing areas in Mexico. They're picked at their ripest, then prepared in small batches to maintain their distinctive taste.
Unique, delicious and healthful with no added preservatives. Now enjoy juicy grapefruit anywhere — without the mess.


BLUEBERRIESFruits originating in the Americas are limited; the blueberry is one fruit that truly is native. The earliest settlers sought out this highly valued berry. They found blueberries to be so versatile that they added it to a wide range of foods and health remedies. Healthy, delicious and filled with antioxidants, the blueberry is a real super fruit.

Though July is National Blueberry Month (the blueberry harvest peaks in July), you can enjoy these Meduri 
all-natural dried fruit
 treats in December or any time. We've prepared them with special care, in a way that captures their distinctive flavor. Use Meduri blueberries to enhance cakes, snacks, cereals, or use them as the settlers once did, in soups and stews. With Meduri World Delights, these tasty blueberries are always in season.


I could eat a package of these each day all day long. They are delicious. Like a piece of candy but better. I love the taste, texture and smell of these small bites of heaven. 
Two classic flavors come together to create something new, delicious and only from Meduri. 

Our chewy Rhubarb Bites are artfully infused with the sweetness of Camerosa strawberries for that one heavenly bite. The perfect balance of springtime sweet and tart. It's like strawberry rhubarb pie in bite-size chewy morsels, available whenever you wish and without the hassle of a fork!

Enjoy our Strawberry-Rhubarb Bites alone as a tangy, delicious snack. Create your own unique trail mix with nuts, or add them to your granola for an additional pop of all-natural dried fruit flavor.


No matter what bag of dried fruit I opened I was delighted with the scent and taste.
They all smell so fresh and taste like they were just picked.
This is by far the best dried fruit company around. 
If all fruit was always this fresh and flavorful I think more people would eat more fruit.
Meduri does a wonderful job at finding some of the freshest best tasting fruit to dry. 

Enter below to win one small bag of Meduri World Delights dried fruit (my choice) Good Luck Everyone. 

$10 off any $49 order with offer code WEB6SS the offer is good until December 1, 2016.