VeraClean Sponge Erasers Review & Giveaway


Once again VeraClean is bringing up a wonderful household product. This one is much needed in everyone's home. 


Sponge Erasers are AMAZING. They help with cleaning just about everything. 
Since I have two small dogs that think they have to jump at the front door every time they hear something or when their Dad happens to be out front and they want to go see him,
I now have to wipe down the lower section of my front door weekly. 
I have a light blue front door (in the inside) 
covered in small dog prints. 
After a few days it starts to drive me nuts. I like my house for the most part lived in but clean. 
VeraClean's Sponge Erasers have saved the day... My front door is now so easy to keep clean. 
Before I used a damp cloth and cleaning solution. It was still never clean. Just sort of rubbed the dirt in making my door look dingy. Since using VeraClean's Sponge Erasers my door is now spotless, just like brand new.
NO chemicals were needed, just the Sponge Eraser and a light scrubbing  

These small white sponges are a MUST in every home. 

Try the eraser on soap scum, mold, appliances, glass stove tops, windows, automotive interiors, boats, siding, sport equipment, athletic shoes, grills, pools, hot tubs & much more! “Works like Magic” Easy to Use! Contains NO Chemicals! Use Only Water!


When ordering from VeraClean you will receive 100 of these WONDERFUL Sponge Erasers for $69.95
The box will contain, Jumbo Extra Strength Compressed Wavy Sponge Erasers – Perfect for anyone in the Cleaning Industry! 50% stronger than standard erasers, our extra strength eraser tackles the tough cleaning tasks. Same high density compressed BASF melamine foam as compared to the other guys, but at half the price! 
100% Melamine Foam. No added detergents, colors or fragrance.
THE COMPANY: Kimberly Jones is the founder of VeraClean and has always had a fondness for cleanliness. As a full-time homemaker and mother of four, Kimberly decided to start her own house cleaning business in 2009, but quickly became discouraged when the cleaning supplies she was using started to do a number on her eyes, skin, and respiratory system. After searching for natural cleaning products that not only produced effective results, but were also affordable, Kimberly got discouraged and decided to formulate her own private blend that were packed full of essential oils, natural cleaning surfactants and citrus citrates. She wanted them to be safe, not only for household surfaces, but also for kids, pets and the employees that would be using them on a daily basis.
By fall 2012, VeraClean had introduced their natural cleaning products to thousands of homes throughout Denver. After 18 months of proven success, VeraClean began bottling their natural formulations and introducing their private line of cleaning products to the retail market. Now, 4 years later, VeraClean not only has their original line of multi-surface cleaners, but liquid hand soaps, liquid dish soaps and hand lotions as well.
THE PRODUCTS: With well over 40 natural cleaning products, hand soaps and lotions, VeraClean has made it their mission to deliver exceptional cleaning power without adding harmful toxins such as bleach, ammonia, triclosan, artificial fragrances, unnecessary optical brighteners and synthetic preservatives. VeraClean has even started offering several concentrate formulas so consumers can get the most bang for their buck.
With 11 scents ranging from Granny Smith and Pink Grapefruit to Lavender Lily, Quality Thyme and even Mocha Mint, you are sure to find a scent you love in a product that you love using.
WHERE TO BUY: VeraClean can conveniently be purchased through their Online Store or at You can also find them in numerous retailers Nationwide.
FINAL THOUGHTS: Did you know that our indoor air can be up to 5x more polluted than the air outside, and yet this is where we spend the majority of our time?! Especially with little ones, the chemicals and products we use in our homes can have devastating effects without us even realizing it!
That’s why I think it’s imperative to use the purest ingredients we can find in every product we use around our homes – not just our foods (although that is obviously extremely important too)! From the soaps we wash our utensils with to the products we use on our counters [that our child inevitably will eat off], every portion of our home should be cleaned with products that not only clean well, but are safe for our little ones on the inside and out.
This is why I have come to love products like those from Veraclean. Made with quality ingredients that won’t harm you or the environment, even their packaging gives you that high-end feel and helps you remember how important it is to take care of your physical home – and your personal one too!
Ranging in price from $11-12, these products are a bit pricier than your average cleaner. But again, they are made with much higher quality ingredients that both your body and home will thank you for!

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