Joseph Nogucci Bracelet Review and Giveaway


I love bracelets. Wear them daily, but mostly only simple beaded ones. 
Joseph Nogucci sells some beautiful ones that I love wearing.
I actually wear one of them daily that I pair with a few other bracelets I currently love. 
These bracelets are simple, but elegant, bold  or to the point. 
Since there are many to choose from you can personalize your daily feelings or outfit.

Leadership | Silver Essence Amethyst Bracelet

This bracelet stays on my arm almost daily. 
I love purple and I love the looks of this paired with a few other beaded or woven bracelets. 
It's on a clear stretchy cord that does not stretch out. 
The bracelet is crafted from 6mm semi-precious stone beads with one silver accent bead
(you can order with gold accent or silver accent bead)

The Leadership Silver Essence Bracelet is crafted from Amethyst.
The Essence of Amethyst is Leadership, Wisdom and Strength.

The Essence of anything - mankind, nature, a simple stone - are the intrinsic qualities and properties which make every single thing what it is; the base qualities and characteristics, without which nothing could exist. The essence of a semiprecious stone is as pure and lasting as the stone itself. These stones embody desirable and indispensable qualities unto which we hope to see reflected in ourselves. Let the essence of these beautiful semiprecious stone bracelets into your soul, and relish in that which makes you yourself.

Passion | Gold Aura Red Tiger's Eye Bracelet

I do not wear this bracelet as much as the Leadership purple one above. 
But I do really like it. I jut wear more items that have silver in them and are more colorful. 
I have a cute brown top and sandals I wear from time to time and when I do this is my accessory that goes along. 
It's on a stretchy clear  cord for easy on and off. 

The Passion Gold Aura Bracelet is made with Red Tiger's Eye stone. A red colored aura is energetic, passionate, and strong-willed, and is representative of someone who is passionate about all things they love, and determined to attain them.The Aura – an electromagnetic field emitted from all organisms and objects – depicts the emotional, physical and spiritual state of one’s wellbeing and balance throughout a lifetime. Semiprecious stones reflect upon the colors representing an aura, can help renew balance, and emit a soothing and desirable aura one wishes to positively affect their own. Let the aura of these beautiful semiprecious stone bracelets cleanse your spirit, to find balance and positivity in your life.


Stainless Steel | Chain Cuff Bracelet

This cool bracelet comes in Stainless Steel, 18K Gold & 18K Rose Gold


Crafted from interlocking links of strong stainless steel and finished with a stunning silver-tone, the Chain Cuff bracelet represents the exploration of your most adventurous side.
Each bracelet features a linked chain and a handcuff clasp.
This bracelet is super cute. I like how the cuffs both open. It looks adorable on with or without additional bracelets. 
It's made very well, I have opened and closed the cuff's numerous times and they seem to have no issues. 
Made would a super cute gift or get one for yourself, right now they have a great deal going on:

 Normally $48.00 USD
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Stainless Steel | Chain Cuff Bracelet