Westrock Coffee Company Review & Giveaway


Westrock Coffee links community to community. Their drive is to be a catalyst for real change in the lives of farmers and their families, through honest, direct trade with transparency at every stage in the supply chain,from crop to cup. The end result is strong, sustainable growth at origin and a quality product for their customers. They believe in people and the drive not only to survive but to live with dignity and achieve great things. They believe that honest, fair and efficient commerce can fuel great, positive change. Coffee is their opportunity to make that change. As a global commodity living in an extremely complex supply chain, coffee has provided them a chance to reimagine the playing field and build a stable, direct channel between farming communities and the end consumer. As an international company, their strength is in their people. Their homebase, coffee roasting and packaging facility is in Arkansas, their trading desks are in Europe, and origin export facilities are in Rwanda and Tanzania.
Westrock Coffee Company knows how busy life can be. School has started recently so everyone is trying to adjust back into the early wake up, busy morning routines. I know personally it has been a huge change going from lazy summer mornings to getting up at the crack of dawn. Nights are exhausting and long trying to get homework assignments complete just to turn around and what seems like in a blink of an eye it's time to wake up and get out the door to school. Westrock has made my mornings so much easier by offering their blends in a quick and easy single serve cup. 


I don't have time to fuss with making a huge pot of coffee or brew a few cups in my french press. These Westrock single serve cups are perfect!! I just pop one into my Keurig, press the button a voila in seconds I have a hot cup of coffee. These single serve cups also make our morning a cinch because we each can choose which blend we would like to drink. We are not stuck drinking a pot of the same blend. I can have my Meza or East African Blend and my man can have his Rwanda Select Reserve.


Westrock Coffee Company
sent me three different blend in their single servings. If you know me then you know I LOVE my Westrock coffee. I was so excited to receive the single serve cups. They have made my morning so much easier. These are the blends I received:

East African Blend

~ Medium Dark ~

The Westrock passion for coffee began in Rwanda in East Africa so it just felt right for them to offer their customers a blend of coffee from this special coffee producing region.  They have chosen a mix of coffees that, together, gives you a memorable and enjoyable cup of coffee. This blend is a medium dark blend so it's another favorite in our home and also a fantastic blend to serve the ladies and gents at coffee hour, lunch of a BBQ. 




Meza Morning Blend

~ Medium ~

The Meza Morning Blend is my go to coffee. Not only do I drink this every morning, I drink it all day long. It doesn't matter what time of day this is a delicious medium blend. It is a unique combination of flavors that revitalizes the senses. Once brewed, the initial subtle notes of fresh clove found in the dry fragrance slowly develop into a bold, nutty aroma.This mix of invigorating taste is captured as the hunts of vanilla mingle with the strong flavor of sweet brown sugar. This Meza Morning Blend is a perfect blend to serve if you are having the ladies over or having a dinner party because it is a true crowd pleaser. 

Rwanda Select Reserve

~ Dark ~

The Rwanda Select Reserve is my mans favorite of the three we have, I do love it to but I try to save it for him since I know it's his favorite. He loves the dark blends and this coffee brews rich and dark just how he likes it. ThisDark Roast captures the most desirable attributes of Rwandan coffee. With a full-bodied, long-lasting cup, it boasts the rich flavor of smokey cedar with hints of black currant. It has a dry fragrance of crisp apple to a wet aroma of light lemon, thiscoffee is sure to delight the senses of the adventurous palate.


I love Westrock not only for the incredible flavor but also the competitive price. You can get an 80 count of the single serve for only $36.90. They also have 12 counts for only $9. 

You can buy Westrock Coffee Company single serves at your local stores by useing the store locator on the Westrock website to find a store near you > https://www.westrockcoffee.com/store-locator/

Or you can buyWestrock Coffee directly off their website >  https://www.westrockcoffee.com/products/


The awesome people at Westrock Coffee Company are giving away a delicious basket full of their amazing blends to one VERY VERY lucky Simple Side of Life reader. Make sure you enter this awesome giveaway, follow Westrock Coffee Company on as many social media pages as possible and tweet daily for extra entry points.