Holiday Gift Giving ~ Tweexy Review

Tweexy wanted to create a product that did not exist, that girls and women would love to use and share. And they wanted it to be convenient and fun to use. They wanted to solve problems that people were having when applying nail polish. Tweexy is a product that works on all body types and with all brands of nail polish. It can be used in the home or anywhere in the world that you want to bring it.
The Tweexy is the perfect gift for any woman/girl in your life. Every girl that paints her nails will LOVE receiving one of these as a holiday gift. You can use them as stocking stuffers or better yet create a gift basket and fill it with polish, remover, nail files and top it off with a few different color Tweexys.
Tweexy makes it so simple to paint your nails no matter where you are. You don't need to have a table or struggle with setting the bottle on carpet or grass anymore. I think this is the coolest product. I don't have a lot of time for extras in my life....all of you moms and students out there can understand this I'm sure. Between school, sports, work and cleaning when do you get time to just sit down at a table and do your nails? The Tweexy has fixed this issue for me. You can put it in your purse with whatever color polish you want to use and while the kids are at practice you can sit in a chair or on the bleachers and do your nails. 

No more juggling the polish bottle now because you can just slide on your Tweexy and pop your favorite polish into it. The Tweexy will hold your polish tight for you while you dip your brush in and paint away. There are many ways to hold your Tweexy to make it easy for you. Also Tweexy finger holders have little squeeze tabs so that you can pull it off your fingers or press it on. This way you avoid having to slide your fingers in and out of the holes which is AWESOME because it avoids messing up your freshly painted nails.
Tweexy holds all standard size and shape bottles and all branded bottles fit and are held securely. From the small mini collections to the larger branded bottles, they all work. The only bottle shapes Tweexy wishes worked better are the large, ball-shaped bottles and a few others that sharply taper inward towards the base. BUT there’s an easy work around… all you have to do is flip up one or more of the ‘leaves’ in the crown and they act like a seat belt or an an octopus arm, wrapping around and gripping the bottle securely so it won’t shimmy its way out.
Pool side, beach front, or just chillin' on your bed Tweexy will allow you to do your nails anywhere you are and anywhere you go.
Tweexy is a super cute gift for the holidays so scoop some up. They are only $9.99 !!!!
Check out Tweexy on all of their social media pages for updates and new ideas.