Holiday Gift Giving ~ Jerky's Gourmet of San Diego Review + Beer and Tequila Jerky Giveaway



Jerky’s Gourmet of San Diego has created a high-quality grass fed beefjerky made from solid strips of steak. With a taste and texture that is this fresh, it is no wonder the beef is sourced from cows that live well on a GMO-free, grass fed diet. These flavorful strips of jerky provide the perfect low fat, high in protein snack that comes packed into a resealable bag


Jerky's Gourmet of San Diego is the perfect stocking stuffer or addition to a gift basket. This jerky is the best. 

When I tear open a bag ofJerky's Gourmet I take a 

moment and smell the delicious aroma that lingers out of the bag. Oh my gosh! It is mouth watering. Then I reach into the bag and pull out a beautiful strip of jerky. This jerky is so moist and soft it's super easy to bite a piece off and chew while your mouth fills with delicious sweetness. YUM!!!! I have a hard time picking a favorite but I think from this most recent batch I got it's the Craft Beer and then Orange Teriyaki. The last batch I had I loves the Black Pepper.

                           < CRAFT BEER

You can tell this is my favorite because most of the bag has been eaten before I could even take a picture. It is heaven.

One serving is only 50 calories and 8 grams of protein so it's not only incredibly delicious but it's an excellent boost of protein. It's perfect for hiking, camping or an after workout snack.

This flavor is inspired by San Diego, the Craft Beer capital of the world! It packs a bold punch of traditional spices and, of course, lots of premium beer. Jerky's Gourmet uses the best domestic pale ale in their marinade to bring the on-tap flavor of hops and barley that will make your taste buds sing!

                         ORANGE TERIYAKI >

This citrus sweet jerky will be sure to wake up your taste buds. Like any great gourmet snack, the flavor changes as you chew it and soon the refreshing citrus taste will make you feel as though you’ve been transported to a Southern California orange grove.

Jerky's Gourmet is made with natural preservatives but there are no artificial preservatives or nitrites.
Typically, most jerky comes from the leanest part of the cow, coming from a muscle that needs some love with flavoring to make it taste best. Jerky's Gourment currently use a cut called “Top Round.”



                          < BARBECUE MESQUITE

This flavor has a smoky, tangy Southwestern zest that is lip-smacking good! Tender and juicy, Barbecue Mesquite uses Jerky's Gourmet's unique blend of spices and our signature barbecue taste to assure this flavor’s place as a constant favorite.

Barbecue Mesquite is only 60 calories a serving and 9 grams of protein. I could honestly live off of this jerky it is so good. 

Jerky's Gourmet has nailed these flavors. They have an amazing variety so there is something to please everyone.


Check out Jerky's Gourmet of San Diego and buy a stocking full of these savory and sweet bags of jerky. Give them as gifts this holiday and keep one of each flavor for yourself.


Jerky's Gourmet
Beer and Tequila Jerky Giveaway

One (1) lucky Simple Side of Life reader will win Jerky's Gourmet Beer and Tequila Pack. It will include 3 bags!! 
Craft Beer, Chipotle Tequila and Ballast Point Habanero Sculptin