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The Soap Cauldron is the creative ground from which all their natural handmade soap creations take root. They feel that the art of alchemy best describes what they do. They take ingredients from nature into their soap cauldron and transform them into nourishing and gentle bars to gently cleanse and pamper the skin. They know you will see the difference when you experience their natural handmade soaps and look forward to seeing you at the cauldron. Try either of their brands Three Sisters Apothecary or Soapy Tails and experience trueArtisan soap.


Three Sister’s Apothecary has been creating artisan soap since 1999. Their handcrafted bar soaps are made in the time honored tradition of the first soap guilds of 7th century Europe. Now just as it was then each bar is handmade in small batches with only natural botanicals, pure essential and vegetable oils. From the early recipes coveted by these guilds, these beneficial ingredients nourish and support skin on a daily basis. They named our companyThree Sisters Apothecary after the three Yniguez sisters, Emma, Marlo and Pandora, of which Emma Mann is the youngest. These girls all two years apart in age, grew up together and spent many lazy Sunday afternoons harvesting herbs for their grandmother, a nurse. They learned early that nature can truly be therapeutic. The passing of Marlo in 2010, was the catalyst that inspired Emma to go forward and follow her dream of bringing back an all natural alternative to those seeking truly natural personal care. 

The Soap Cauldron has a huge variety of soaps for bath body hair and even for you pets. These beautiful soaps come in a wide variety of scents. I am a citrus lover and can't pass up the fresh scent of lemons and orange so the Bar Soaps I picked and have been enjoying are:

Meyer Lemon Agave Nectar with Shea Butter ~ 
Sun-kissed Meyer Lemon blends with sweet and rich Agave Nectar to support healthy skin while gently cleansing both face and body. 

Sweet Orange & Coconut Milk Sensative Skin Complex with Shea Butter ~
Lightly scented Sweet Orange and Coconut Milk bar soap is carefully blended to create an extremely gentle and truly nourishing experience.

Lemongrass  Restorative Complex with Shea Butter ~
Naturally refreshing Lemongrass deodorizes and cleanses with ultra-nurturing Shea Butter to gently pamper and soothe the skin revitalizing and awakening the body. 
Dark Chocolate Peppermint with Cocoa Butter ~
Dark Chocolate & Mint Bar Soap blends rich and decadent dark Cocoa with invigorating Peppermint essential oil, Cocoa Butter, natural botanicals and gentle base oils to create a fragrant and rich natural soap bar to clean and fragrance naturally.  YUMMY!!!

Mexican Lime Cilantro Skin Clarifying Complex with Shea Butter ~
Sweet & Tart Mexican Lime blends with Shea Butter, natural botanicals and gentle base oils to create a rich bar that lightly exfoliates and deeply cleanses both face and body naturally. The Clarifying Complex of Lime, Cilantro, Chamomile and Lemon Balm combine to gently nurture and soften skin. Naturally retained glycerin soothes and moisturizes.



Limited Edition ~ California Mission Fig Honey with Shea Butter ~
Naturally occurring enzymes in figs combine with beneficial properties in honey and dandelion to exfoliate surface skin keeping it hydrated and conditioned while clarifying naturally as they tighten pores and optimize skin’s sebum production.

Limited Edition ~ Santa Rosa Plum Nutmeg with Shea Butter ~
Dark and flavorful Santa Rosa plums were the creation of famed horticulturist Luther Burbank in 1906. Long considered the jewel in Burbank’s crown, the sweet and juicy Santa Rosa Plum is rich in antioxidants, EFAs and phytonutrients.

Being a girl from Santa Rosa California these last two soap blends have a special place in my heart. I have had Santa Rosa Plum trees and have baked tarts and pies using them. I have jams and jellies made from them and 

I am so excited to be able to get my soap smelling of these deliciously sweet and juicy local plums. Santa Rosa Plum NutmegCalifornia Mission Fig Honey bars smell soooooooo good and offer you a touch of Sonoma County. You must grab up a few of these limited edition bars.

Three Sister Apothecary soaps come in two sizes. They offer a larger 4.75 oz bar adorably packaged in these oh so cool boxes that has the cauldron cut outs so you can see the colors and smell each bar before soaping up. They also come in a 1.75 oz bar that makes the perfect stocking stuffer and travel size. These bars are just right for putting in your guests bathroom and making them feel pampered when they visit your home.


Three Sister Apothecary has an entire line that caters to your hair. For me, this is one of the many products that sets them apart from other soap making brands. These awesome bars are actually Shampoo Bars. How cool is that!!! There is a blend for every hair type. I am trying out a variety and loving them. These are the ones I have been using:

Mandarin Blossom & Calendula Sleek & Smooth Complex for Straight and Thick Hair
Nutrient rich with fluffy lather, the Sleek and Smooth Mandarin Blossom & Calendula Shampoo Bar imparts natural weight and shine making it ideal for straight and thick hair types.


Lavender & Tea Tree Hydrating Complex for Curly & Wavy Hair ~
Super rich with fluffy lather, the ultra-moisturizing Lavender & Tea Tree Shampoo Bar by Three Sisters Apothecary, cleanses gently and imparts softness and shine.

Rosemary Orange Volumizing Complex for Fine Hair ~
The Volumizing Rosemary and Orange Shampoo Bar, by Three Sisters Apothecary, gently clarifies adding volume and silkiness.


Along with the Shampoo Bars I am also using Three Sisters Apothecary Hair Oils. They have three blends of Hair Oil that sell in 3.2 oz bottles. I am loving their:

Mandarin Blossom Calendula Sleek & Smooth Leave-In Conditioning Complex Hair Oil ~
Sleek and Smooth Mandarin Blossom & Calendula Conditioning Oil is ideal for straight and thick hair types. 

Three Sisters Apothecary Shampoo Bars come in 4.75 oz bars and 1.75 oz bars


Three Sisters Apothecary has a variety of Body Butters that come in 4 oz and 2 oz containers. These deliciously scented butters rub into your skin transforming the most dry cracked skin into soft healthy skin. I love this body butter because it leaves you feeling soft without an greasy residue.

Three Sisters Apothecary Body Butters contain.....Pure essential oils, Beeswax, Coconut Oil and Vitamin E combine with ultra-hydrating Shea, Avocado and Cocoa butters to gently pamper and nurture the skin. 



Meyer Lemon Agave ~
Meyer Lemon and rich Agave Nectar blend perfectly to support healthy skin while gently pampering both face 
and body. Creamy and rich, but never greasy this all natural body butter is light and quickly absorbed to restore and soften skin.

Sweet Orange Coconut with Shea Butter ~ 
Fragrant Sweet Orange and deeply nourishing Coconut Milk, Beeswax, Coconut Oil and Vitamin E combine with ultra-hydrating Shea, Avocado and Cocoa butters to gently pamper and nurture the skin.

French Lavender with Shea Butter ~
Naturally soothing French Lavender Body Butter is an artful blend of  Beeswax, Coconut Oil, Botanicals and Vitamin E  together with Shea, Avocado and Cocoa butters to gently pamper the skin.

Three Sisters Apothecary Bath Salt Soak comes in 20 oz  containers. After using this soak you will never bathe again without these relaxing salts. There is a scent for every mood you are in.

Gravenstein Apple & clove Bath
Lavender & Chamomile
Rose & Coconut Milk
Rosemary & Mint

I have the Rosemary & Mint Revitalizing Complex~
Lavender & Chamomile Bath Salt Soak gently relaxes the body with mineral rich Ocean and Epsom salts. The potent combination of aromatic Lavender and Chamomile essential oils combine with Arnica and natural botanicals to soothe tired muscles, relieve aches and detoxify the body while replacing needed nutrients.



At Soapy Tails they handcraft their canine bar soaps in small batches so they are mild and ultra-cleansing. Most dog shampoos can contain harsh ingredients that strip natural oils and dry out the skin leaving coats dull and lifeless. Soapy Tails bars hydrate naturally while gently cleansing active coats. A true soap, their bars are free of SLS, parabens and petroleum based synthetic ingredients. These bars last multiple washings and clean exactly as needed. Indulge your pets with a clean, radiant and healthy coat.

  • 100% Biodegradable
  • Paraben & Synthetics Free
  • Pure Essential Oils
  • Sodium Laureth/Lauryl Sulfate Free
  • Phosphate & Phthalate Free

Formulated for the care of active breeds Pure essential oils, natural botanicals, gourmet plant oils and butters nurture canine coats. Super rich with fluffy lather, these bars gently remove daily dirt accumulation while rinsing easily away. Key actives support canine coat health and skin while providing daily flea relief.




I spoke before of the many things that make Soap Cauldron Different than other soap companies and this Soapy Tails line is another example of when makes them stand apart....stand above other companies. If you have dogs or friends and loved ones with dogs then you must grab up some of these super cute Soapy Tails Dog Shampoo Bars. They make the perfect gift for dog owners and they work like a charm. You can find a bar that is special for every type of dog coat from long and silky to short and wiry. These colorful and wonderful smelling soaps come in adorable boxes with a puppy paw cut out so you can see the color and smell the scent. 
I have 4 dogs and have tried every type of shampoo on the market for dogs. Some have really harsh scents that smell like medicine or chemicals. It makes bath time tough to get through and afterwards leaves your bathroom stinking like some kind of wet dog flea spray. These handcrafted soap bars lather up easily and doesn't take a lot to cover your entire dog. The bar makes it super simple to wash your lil pup. Just hold it in your hand and scrub them down, get their tummies, their legs and armpits. HAHAHA don't forget behind the ears.

Soapy Tails comes in incredible smelling blends like:

Cedar & Pink Grapefruit
Citrus & Mint
Lavender & Eucalyptus 
Oatmeal & Sweet Orange
Tangerine & Bay Laurel


The Soapy Tail line also has Dog Pad Balm, Sleek & Shine Coat Tamer,  and Dog Pad Soak. There are multiple gift sets to buy for your loved ones fur babies so check out Soapy Tails. I promise you and your pups will not be disappointed. 

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