Holiday Gift Giving ~ Nutpods Dairy-Free Creamer Review

Nutpods was born out of founder Madeline Haydon's impatience for a wholesome dairy-free creamer that had the richness and creaminess of half & half. For years, she waited for a company, any company, to develop this type of product - without carrageenan or the "usual suspects" of titanium dioxide, mono and diglycerides, hydrogenated/partially hydrogenated oils. Carefully crafted to be wholesomely delicious and developed to give you the freedom to choose your own sweetness level, enjoy the rich creaminess that come from MCT-rich coconuts and the balanced taste with heart-healthy almonds. All free from GMOs, soy, dairy, gluten and artificial flavors/colors.
I have tried many Dairy-Free creamers. At one point I was a vegetarian and even tried to be vegan. The most difficult thing for me at that time was finding something to add to my coffee that was delicious and creamy. Most milk/dairy alternatives either didn't taste right of they would kind of separate once they hit the hot coffee. The separation would leave me with little floating bits in my drink and that is no good.

I am so excited to find Nutpods.

Nutpods come in three deliciously creamy flavors, Hazelnut, French Vanilla and Original. I love my coffee creamy and one thing I am loving about Nutpods is that the flavored dairy-free creamers are not overwhelming. Some flavored creamers are so sweet that you get a headache from them. Nutpods have the perfect hint of French Vanilla and Hazelnut. 

Before I tried Nutpods Dairy-Free Creamer in my coffee I wanted to get a true taste of it so I sipped each one all by itself. They are excellent!! Nice and thick. Nutpods has a touch of a nutty flavor but it is truly subtle. I can honestly say this is the best Dairy-Free Creamer I have ever used. It stays creamy when poured into your hot coffee and does not separate like other non-dairy product.
Nutpods Dairy-Free Creamer is not only for coffee. It can be used as a replacement for anything you would add milk to and more. The Nutpods website has an entire section devoted to yummy recipes and fantastic ideas of how to incorporate Nutpods into your diet. Check it will be surprised at the variety .
You can buy Nutpods in a 3 pack variety or if you love one particular flavor you can buy your favorite blend in 4 packs or 12 packs.

Look for Nutpods in a store near you. You can use the store locator that's on the Nutpods website:

If you are an Amazon lover like me then you can find Nutpods right on which is super cool if you are a Prime member because it will ship for free and arrive quickly.

Of course you can also buy Nutpods directly off their website so you can choose from all the options.

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