Holiday Gift Giving Ideas for Pets ~ QuickBath® Shampoo and Conditioner Review

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IVS proudly provides health, grooming and wellness products that are effective and made from the highest quality standards for our four legged friends. Offering pet-parents a peace of mind, IVS proudly stands behind every single one of our products with a guarantee of satisfaction, as these are the same products we give and use on our family of pets as well.
IVS truly cares about the well being of all pets. We want to be a trusted partner that strives to produce only high quality products that help invigorate your pets’ natural life, particularly in their more mature years.
All IVS products not only improve a pet’s daily health and mobility, but help enhance the unconditional bond between pet and their pet-parent to promote a longer, happier and healthier life.
My boyfriend is a dog groomer and we have two little dogs of our own. So dog shampoos is something he is very familiar with. He is also very picky on what soaps he uses on our dogs. 
He will buy one, use it once and never use it again, saying it's not good enough. 
When I received QUICK BATH SHAMPOO I was worried he wouldn't like it or have something bad to say. 
A few days after receiving the shampoo he gave our girls a bath. 
I was waiting for his response on QUICK BATH Shampoo, sure enough he was very happy with it. 
He said it had a great lather, got the dogs nice and clean and smelled great. 
This pet shampoo is now used during every dog and cat bath in our home. 
QuickBath® Shampoo and Conditioner

This is the newest edition to the I.V.S. family! There are three NEW shampoos as well as a new conditioner. Quick Bath Shampoo is a tearless formulation designed to clean your pet while leaving a pleasant aroma.

Puppy Shampoo
Herbal Shampoo

Odor Control Shampoo
Natural Lustre Conditioner

During the holidays your pets need some love too. 
Make them (or buy) some cute pet stockings and stuff them full of much needed products. Include Quick Bath Shampoo & Conditioner. Your dogs will be silky smooth and smell great.
Check out I.V.S's website for other great products. 

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