Holiday Gift Giving ~ Hydratherma Naturals Hair Products Review & Giveaway



Saleemah Cartwright, a licensed cosmetologist and registered nurse (BSN) is the creator and co-owner of the Hydratherma Naturals hair care collection, has made it her mission to promote healthy hair by developing superior hair care products & systems that benefit consumers and support the environment.

Saleemahs time spent as a hair stylist taught her the importance of balancing the moisture and protein levels in the hair. She noticed that when the hair was well balanced, the hair would flourish. Too much moisture or protein would result in breakage. Once the hair was balanced, the hair would thicken, retain length and less breakage would occur.

She tried many products on her hair and the hair of her clients. Most products would result in too much moisture in the hair or protein overload. Many clients did not know how to balance the levels in the hair. Saleemah wanted to create a line scientifically formulated to balance the moisture and protein levels in the hair. She wanted to take the guess work out of it and make the regimen easy to follow.

After several years of combining many of the hair care ingredients that she absolutely loved, they were finally able to formulate a natural-based hair care product collection that left the hair in perfect balance.




The ultimate passion and motivation at healthy hair journey is to promote healthy natural hair for women and men of all ethnicities and hair texture.

Many people with kinky or curly hair textures typically do not know how to care for their hair correctly because they don’t have the appropriate products, proper knowledge and information on how to effectively achieve well-nourished and vibrant-looking hair.

The goal with the Hydratherma Naturals hair care collection is to provide superior products, effective systems and accessible information to our community to end this struggle and realize their hair care goals.

Hydratherma Naturals has an incredible line of hair product that will get your unruly hair under control. 

The cleansing process has two simple steps.

Step one: Herbal/Amino Clarifying Shampoo. This shampoo will remove all the dirt and residue that has built up in your hair. It will clean your hair and your scalp without stripping it of the natural oils. This herbal/amino clarifying shampoo works amazing for all types of hair.

Step Two: Moisture Boosting Shampoo. This shampoo is very concentrated so you don't need to use a ton of it. Apply a small amount of it to your scalp and squeeze it through the ends of your hair. I was able to try this Moisture Boosting Shampoo for myself and I love it. I have the craziest hair and this product makes it super simple for me to comb through after washing. It detangles and leaves my locks soft and smooth.


Hydratherma Naturals Moisture Boosting Shampoo has a vibrant and fresh scent to it. It will awaken your senses and invigorate you with hints of essential oils. This will moisturize your scalp, reduce dryness, decreases dandruff and regulates sebaceous secretion. They have added high quality proteins to help prevent breakage and strengthen your hair. Its excellent for brittle slow growing and chemically treated hair as well as for all other hair types.


Hydratherma Naturals has so many incredible products I wish I could try them all. One other product I am lucky enough to be using is their Amino Plus Protein Deep Conditioning Treatment. 

If you have hair like mine or curlier then you must try this conditioning treatment. Maybe you have dry hair from coloring of flattening it over and over again and you need a product that with replenish moisture and help prevent breakage.

This treatment contains an exceptional and unique complex of structurizing proteins, all of different molecular weights. These proteins penetrate deep within the hair shaft producing benefits like no single protein can. Enriched with 10 amino acids, vitamins and botanical extracts this conditioning treatment will strengthen each hair strand and protect the hair from harsh weather. It also provides sunscreen protection.


Hydratherma Naturals has a huge line of products that will soften and protect your hair. Weather you want to enhance your curls or flatten your locks straight Hydratherma Naturals has something for you.

This year, stuff your loved ones stockings full of Hydratherma Naturals. 

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