Holiday Gift Giving Ideas ~ The Fizz

Take your favorite ice cream plus your favorite soda. 
Twist on, Tip & Sip

The founder of The Fizz™  (David) made The Fizz as a way to put a fun new spin on an all-American classic: the root beer float. He sought a way to simplify the process of making a soda float, at the same time making it more fun to drink. His concept was to devise a “mixing chamber” that would separate the ingredients and allow the float drinker to mix them as desired, and also make it fun visually as the soda mixes with the ice cream to create an eruption of foam. After many experiments and prototypes, he arrived at design that was both innovative and easy to produce.
We had a blast using our Fizz bowls. 
It took me a while to find Root Beer in a bottle, I wanted the class Root Beer Float, but instead of using classic vanilla ice cream we used Maple Walnut, it was so good. 
Using the Fizz cups was easy. 
Just make sure you screw the Fizz cup on the soda bottle all the way, or you will make a soda mess, like I did. 
But after I corrected the issue using The Fizz cup was fun. 
It makes your root beer floats more bubbly and fun. 


The Fizz™ is a mixing chamber that makes foamy drinks more fun
  • It attaches onto plastic and glass bottles, to mix any float flavor imaginable.
  • It keeps the ice cream cold, and the drink fizzy longer.
  • By separating the ingredients, you can drink just soda, or eat just ice cream.
  • It’s fun watching the soda and ice cream mix inside the Fizz™ cup, like a volcano.
  • It can be rinsed and reused.

You can buy The Fizz in sets of 4 or 12
4 for $9.99 ............................. 12 for $21.99
The Fizz would be perfect at kids and adults birthday parties. 
You have endless possibilities of what you add,
drink and into the cup.