Holiday Gift Giving ~ LuminAID PackLite NOVA Collapsible Solar Lantern Review & Giveaway



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Picture is your one stop shop for everything you will need to be prepared for camping, hiking, backpacking and emergencies. This is thee coolest place to look for holiday gifts for you outdoorsy friends and loved ones.  If you are looking for supplies for yourself make sure to check before going anywhere else. has a super cool new light that everyone needs to have. It is the LuminAID PackLite NOVA Collapsible Solar Lantern. When I received this lantern I was so excited. Immediately I thought what an excellent gift it would make for my brother. He is a gear guy. Gear for camping, gear for biking, gear for water sports, gear for everything. He loves the outdoors and I considered gifting it to him. Then I used this LuminAID PackLite NOVA Solar Lantern and I way am I giving this away. This is mine!!! I LOVE IT!!! I will order another one for him but this one is not leaving my hands. 

I am shocked how bright this lantern gets. I inflated it, which was super simple. Just blow into the inflation plug softly, it doesn't take much more than a few puffs so there's no need for an inflation device of any sort. Then I turned off all the lights and pushed the on button. It lit up the entire room. I am so impressed!!!

If I have a power outage all I need to do is hang one of these in the center of the room and it works like a charm. No need for 30 candles scattered around the room which also means I don't need 100 matches or a lighter. Better yet, no need for batteries because this sucker is totally solar operated. Just 10 hours of direct sunlight will charge the lantern completely. Make sure you place it solar panel faced up in the sun and you are good to go. 10 hours of charge time gets you:

4 Hours of LED light on the Turbo setting
7 Hours of LED light on High setting
14 Hours of LED light on the Medium setting
24 Hours LED light on Low setting
Multiple DAYS of light on the FLASHING setting

This amazing LuminAID PackLite NOVA Collapsible Solar Lantern is so compact and lightweight you will not notice it at all if you are packing it in your hiking back. It will not weigh you down one bit and it takes up no more space than a cell phone. In fact it folds down just as flat as my cell phone but weighs less. 

It has a nifty orange strap that holds it together so it won't open up in your gear box or bag. Then when using it the strap unsnaps and folds back the other way to create a handle. There are three snaps so you can pick how big or small you want the loop handle. I love this handle because it makes it a cinch to hold while you walk around. The snap feature also allows you to hang it off of practically anything. You can also carry it by strapping it to your bag for easy recharge while hiking around.


The LuminAID NOVA will light up a 125 square foot space no problem.  So you only need one per room. At the affordable price of only $14.99 it is smart to have one for each room in your home. During a power outage you will be glad you planned ahead by stocking up on these. When you don't need it for emergency reasons you can take it camping with you. 

LuminAID NOVA solar lanterns are even water proof up to one meter deep so no worries if it's damp and raining out. You can still use your lantern out in the rain. YAY!!!
The LuminAID NOVA Collapsible Solar Lantern weighs only 4 oz, and measures 4.65" wide and stores flat (4.6" x 4.6" x 1" when folded flat)
To charge, make sure the unit is powered OFF. Place the Pack-Lite in direct sunlight with the solar panel facing up for 10 hours to ensure a full charge. The red indicator light next to the ON/OFF button will turn red whenever the solar panel is exposed to sunlight when the light is in the OFF position. This new compact solar light has an additional green indicator light that turns on when the light is fully charged!


You can purchase the LuminAID NOVA Collapsible Solar Lantern and many, many other products that are equally as cool and useful from
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