Holiday Gift Giving ~ TPF Toys Peppy Pups Review

Every child wants one thing for the holidays.........A PUPPY!!!!!!! Who doesn't want a puppy? Peppy Pups are the perfect way to fulfill your little ones biggest wish of getting a puppy. I have four dogs and they are a handful. Between the cost of food and the clean up it's almost impossible to keep up so I know the struggles parents have when asked for a puppy for the holidays. The simple solution to this predicament is to give your kids a Peppy Pup this year and skip the cost of food. This little puppy will not make a mess or bark uncontrollably in the night. Peppy Pups are soooooo cool they don't even require batteries.
Peppy Pups have a spring in their step and will bounce after their owner on a leash. Peppy Pups will run, jump and walk right next to you all without one single battery. I think this is so cool. We have all been in that position where our kids open gift after gift and can't play with any of them because you forgot to spend $100 on different sized batteries. Peppy Pups are ready for their first walk right out of the box.
Peppy Pups are super cuddly and snuggly. Soft enough to take to bed and keep your child company in the night. You can get a Peppy Pup in black and white or soft brown. They are soooo adorable no matter which color you choose. If you have two little ones then you can get one of each color and they can go on walks together. This is a great way to keep the kids active and entertained. Take your Peppy Pups to the store or on walks at the park without needing to bring poopy bags!!
Peppy Pups are only $19.99 !!!! This is an totally awesome price!! They can be purchased at Toys R Us nation wide and on Amazon. If you are an Amazon prime member then that means FREE SHIPPING!

You can also buy your Peppy Pups from Wonder Works!!

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