Holiday Gift Giving ~ GoodLight Candle Review

Goodlight was started by David and his good friend Jon. They meet each other in the 90's in Telluride, Colorado after college. Like a lot of people in Telluride at the time they were tree hugging hippy ski bums. They still are now, they just have shorter hair and don't get to spend as much time up on the hill. Jon was hand-dipping beeswax tapers in his home studio and selling them locally when David first met him. Before long Jon's operation rew into Bluecorn Naturals, now the country's premier sourse of beeswax candles.

In 2005 David came to Manhattan for a month to work with Jon at his Bluecorn retail booth in the Union Square Holiday Market. It was at that pointthat jon told David of his vision to develop an affordable, non-toxic candle to replace the paraffin votives burning on the tables of New York retaurants and everywhere else. Although Bluecorn's candles are all natural and non-toxic, beeswax is too expensive to compete on a mass scale with the much cheaper paraffin- so the key was affordable.  For the next four years Jon and David worked together to delevop Jon's idea into reality and in April of 2010 they launched GoodLight Natural Candles.

Once GoodLight was shinning bright enough Davids wife sarah joined the company, allowing Jon to go back to tending Bluecorn full-time. Sarah and David now run GoodLight's operations out of their office in San Francisco. 
I was able to try a huge selection of awesome GoodLight candles for myself. A few of my favorites are the scented Travel Tins. I received one 6oz Eucalyptus Citrus and one 2oz Fig Grapefruit scented Travel Tin candle. The 6oz candle will burn for up to 30 hours and the 2 oz will burn for 15 hours. They are made of 100% palm wax and have a cotton wick.

The Eucalyptus Citrus blend is subtle and fresh, simutaneously reminiscent of a well-deserved trip to the spa or a summer drive down California's Highway 1 with the top down. It is bright, refreshing and invigorating. Bright the outdoors in with this fresh scent.

I loooooove, love the sweet and fruity Fig Grapefruit blend. It is GoodLights most popular scent and once you smell it you will understand why. It's like olfactory candy, really. It's a beautiful way to brighten any room or lighten any mood. I am a huge fan of citrus scents and this Fig Grapefruit candle is delicious. 

These super cute travel tins allow you to bring your Goodlight candle with you everywhere you go. 

Take them with you when you stay in a hotel or give them to friends and family when they stay in your home as a guest. With this travel tin your guests can fill their room with a beautiful aroma and then take the candle home with them when they leave. Next time you go camping make sure you bring your GoodLight travel tin with you for a romantic picnic table ambiance.
GoodLight candles also come in the classic votive that burns for 15 hours. Of course being a citrus lover I adore the Lemongrass Cassia scented votives. This vibrant scent is the perfect blend of citrus and spice, simultaneously recalling and outdoor walk in Northern Thailand and a holiday gathering at home. Cassia refers to cassia bark which we call cinnamon in Noth America. Everyone loves a votive so this holiday season make sure to grab plenty of these for gifts, stocking stuffers and of course to decorate your home with when your guests are over. Everyone will ask what that delicious scent is and then you can show off your exquisite GoodLight candles.
These dainty little tea light candles like all the other GoodLight products are infused with the blend of pure botanical and essential oils.  These oils are derived from plants, extracted by cold-pressing, steam or vacuum distillation. As you might expect from GoodLight, there are no phthalates, synthetic or artificial fragrances, chemicals, lead or paraffin. Just like the unscented foundation line, the wax is 100% clean-burning palm wax, and wicks are pure cotton....because you breathe what you burn.
The Lavender scent is one of the most popular scents. Lavender has long been used in aromatherapy for its relaxing and soothing properties. With 39 species in the Lavandula genus of flowers and a wide variety or cross-pollinated hybrids to choose from, finding the very best pure essential oils for GoodLight candles took some time but they picked just the right one. I love to light these relaxing candles and place them around my bedroom and bathtub. When in the tub I close my eyes and they make me feel like I am at the spa.

The Scented Line comes in Travel Tins, Votives and Tea Lights. Available in the delicious blends of Lavendar, Fig Grapefruit, Lemongrass Cassia and Eucalyptus Citrus.

GoodLight has a wide variety of Natural Unscented Candles to choose from. You can get a GoodLight in a Votive, Tea Light, Pillar, Taper, Chanukah, Shabbat and even Birthday candles. They truely have a candle for every occasion.
I have a set of four 8 inch unscented taper candles. They burn for about 7 hours and are perfect for the dinner table. I love to decorate our dinner table especially at the holidays and with the scent of warm food and fresh pine in the air I find an unscented candle is perfect. It adds that beautiful flicker to the room without figthing the other scents that fill GoodLight Taper candles come in a 8 inch, 10 inch and 4 inch selection.

The Pillar candles are also perfect to decorate with. You might like just one alone on a table or if you are like me you might want to place a number of them together. The pillar candles come in a variety of sizes so I like to mix and match the sizes when decorating. You can get these Pillars in 2" x 4.6",  

2" X 6",  3" x 3" and 3" x 6". You can buy these pillars individually, in a pack of 6 or in a master case of 48.
You can find GoodLight at a store near you by using the store locator on their websit:

You can also buy them directly off the goodLight website!

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