Holiday Gift Giving ~ Cabbage Patch 18" Big Kids Dream Collection Review

Every little girl wants a Cabbage Patch Kid for the holidays. We all had them when we were little and now our kids want them too. These adorable, lovable Cabbage Patch Kids come in a variety of styles and have all kinds of accessories.

For a limited time you can get these super cute Cabbage Patch 18" Big Kids Dream Collection dolls.

Just like you, the Cabbage Patch Kids are growing up. Introducing the newest Cabbage Patch 18" Big Kids Dream Collection that is brought to you by Wicked Cool Toys
There are now two new and different styles and personalities that have joined their 2015 friends Sophia Lorraine and Violet Anne. 

These newest two beautiful girls are very limited. There are only 1,000 of each style, so make sure you grab one now before it's too late. Each 18" Big Kid is an extremely limited edition and will be retired after a short production run.

Just this fall 2016 Eden Jolle the World Traveler and Zoe Sky the flower Girl were introduced.

Zoe Sky the Flower Girl is dressed in a gorgeous pink and purple dress with a flower embelished waist line. Zoe has a matching hair band topped off with a cheery purple flower to hold her golden locks back. She has silky pink slippers and a pink pearl braclet. You will find her carrying a bouquet of pink flowers as she dances down the isle at an elegant wedding. Zoe Sky truly is the perect Flower Girl.

Eden Jolle the World Traveler is all dressed up and ready for an adventure. She loves to travel the world and her favorite thing to do is to go shopping in Paris.
She carries a super cute pink bag with the Eiffel Tower on it and has a matching pink beret. To keep warm while traveling from city to city she wears an oh so cozy black and white coat. This toasty warm coat has sweet little pink buttons and fuzzy cuffs and collar. Eden wears soft pink slippers with purple bow embelisments. She misses absolutely nothing because she carries a pink camera and snaps pictures of everything she loves.

Eden comes complete with a passport and map so she won't ever get lost.
Of course both of these adorable girls come with birth certificates and adoption papers.  They have soft huggable torsos and vinyl arms and legs. 

These Cabbage Patch 18" Big Kids Dream Collection girls will be a huge hit this holiday season. Watch the joy spread across your childs face as they open this perfect gift. Hurry up and grab them while you can!!!!

You can get both of these Cabbage Patch 18" Big Kids Dream Collection dolls exclusively at AMAZON!!
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