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What the heck is a PILI NUT????

Canarium Ovatum is commonly known as the pili tree. This pili tree (pronounced "peel-y"), is native to certain parts of south east asia. Our nuts are wild harvested from the philippines. 

These WONDERFUL nuts are the PERFECT KETO snack. 
I like the texture, taste and the fact that they are healthy. 
Excellent pick me up snack for hiking, workouts, walks or to keep as a snack in your purse
for when you need something small to eat.
Buttery and VERY addicting.
Give Pili Nuts
Hunter Gatherer 
Natural Foods
a try.

The Earth's Perfect Nut

*   Perfect Ketogenic Snack*  Paleo*  Vegan*  Raw*  Highest Magnesium of any nut*  Naturally Gluten Free*  Sprouted   *  Highest Oil/Fat Content of any nut  *  Sustainable      *  Hand Shucked*  High In Manganese*  Excellent Source of Vitamin B1                         *  Non GMO*  Lowest Carbs of any nut              *  Hand Harvested *  Harvested from Small Sustainable Farms and Wild stands*  Good Source of Phosphorus and Copper

Pili Nuts come in 2 different flavors


Pili nuts with
coconut oil and salt

Our Traditional Philippine style of pili nuts are sprouted and wild harvested. Add a touch of Himalayan salt and coconut oil and you have a delicious, extremely healthy pili nut snack. Pili nuts have the highest oil content of any nut on the planet. 


Spicy Chili Pili Nuts

Try our amazing Pili Nuts with a bit of a kick of siling labuyo chili to give it a spicy bite. Our Spicy Chili style of pili nuts are sprouted and wild harvested. Himalayan salt and Chilis give you a delicious, extremely healthy pili nut snack with a kick. Pili nuts have the highest oil content of any nut on the planet. 

Both are a great source of protein, Pili Nuts are also high in Vitamin E with large amounts of Magnesium and other minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and potassium.
Great for a quick snack or as a take-along during any activity.

Buy ONLINE or Find Pili Nuts in a

There are no pesticides or fertilizers used in the production of our pili nut products.  Organic would be an understatement.  Our pili nuts are grown the way nature intended - in rich volcanic soil with abundent rainfall, perfect temperatures and ample natural sunlight.  Our pili nuts are wild to the core.Our pili nuts are from the natural stands in the mountains of the phillipines. Unlike other commerical nuts such as almonds, no external water source isused. Only the natural rainfall feeds our trees!  Rest assured you are not depleting water sources like what is happening in the western U.S.The pili tree thrives in the volcanic soil, and is very typhoon resistant.  Locals call the tree "Spouse of the typhoon" because some believe the stronger the typhoon,the better production of pili nuts!

Do you eat Keto or have someone in your family that does? 
Add Pili Nuts in their stocking or Holiday Gift Basket this year. 
Pili Nuts are a PERFECT Keto Snack. 


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