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Founded in 1993, Kent Displays, Inc. is a world leader in the research, development and manufacture of Reflex® No Power LCDs for unique, sustainable applications including electronic skins, eWriters, smartcards and eReaders. All Reflex LCDs are made on flexible plastic substrates and reflect ambient light to produce an image. They use no power to retain an image and only a small amount to change it. Reflex LCDs are made in the U.S.A. in Kent, Ohio.

Kent Displays launched Boogie Board LCD eWriters in January 2010. All Boogie Board eWriters feature a pressure-sensitive Reflex LCD as their writing surface. The no power attributes and exceptional writing experience of Reflex LCDs make Boogie Board eWriters an electronic paperless replacement for memo pads, sticky notes, scratch pads, note books and other writing and drawing mediums.

These Boogie Boards are the coolest thing ever. I was super excited when I discovered these and stood in the store starring at them trying to decide which one to buy. It was a tough decision. That day I was shopping for a 3 year old and really wanted to buy one of these Boogie Boards knowing that he loves to scribble and erase. I had watched him a few days before drawing shapes and scribbling pictures. He was letting his imagination go wild so I thought "Hey, a Boogie Board would be perfect for him." Since Christmas is upon us I decided he must have one. After going back and forth with my man we finally decided to get the Scribble n' Play. After purchasing a Scribble n' Play for my nephew I was lucky enough to be able to review Boogie Boards and finally use them for my family. We are in love!!!

The Scribble n' Play has been fun for everyone in my family. It doesn't matter how old or young, we all really enjoy these super fabulous Boogie Boards.

The Scribble n' Play featuring Colorburst is a colorful and cool twist to the Boogie Board. It lets you get even more creative with the multicolor LCD writing screen. The colors jump off the screen with awesomely-integrated stylus tools that allows artists both young and old to create a variety of lines and textures.

These four tools clip neatly to the sides of the Scribble n' Play for easy storage. This feature makes it simple to hang onto the tools. You won't loose them when they are clipped securely to the sides of your boards.
Make doodling and math more fun with this colorful Scribble n' Play. Save yourself some money on flashcards and save the environment by going paperless. You can use this Boogie Board to figure out math problems with your kids. This is also a huge paper saver when playing games where you need to draw pictures. We play a ton of games in our family and are constantly digging for scratch paper when it comes to draw and guess games. The Boogie Boards eliminates the hastle because now we can draw, guess and earse with the touch of one button. No need to scrounge up pencils and sharpeners either because the Scibble n' Play supplies you with eveything you need.
The Scribble n' Play comes in a super cool case that keeps it from slipping and sliding around and makes for great organization. You can tuck you hand into the back of the case. It's like a little pocket for your palm so that you can hold it upright when doing math problems or drawing pictures that you want the group to see. If you are trying to demonstrate something to a group just slide your fingers into the back and hold it up in the air for everyone to get a good look.  Scribble n' Play brings out your inner artist, while providing enthusiasts with a key communication tool for early learning. You can even save your creations with the free app iOS and share with friends and family.
You can get one of these for around $29.99
The Boogie Board Jot 4.5 Featuring Clearview contains all the awesomeness as the Scribble n' Play but in a more compact size. The Jot 4.5 has a really cool clear screen so as you take notes while you keep an eye on what your little ones are up to. HAHAHA :) This super compact Boogie Board will get rid of your need to carry a ton of sticky notes or paper note pads. The clearview truly reinvents flashcards with an easy, one-push erase system that's perfect for repetitive tracing and memorization. Small and light weight, the Clearview Jot 4.5 is perfect for use in the home, or on the go, making anywhere a great place for kids to learn and create. This Boogie Boards comes complete with alphabet flashcards for tracing large and small letters, and you can practice math with the free app for iOS.
The Boogie Board  Jot 4.5 Clearview also has a really nifty cover. I am in love with this feature because it protects the screen and whatever I have written on it. There is a convenient writing tool that just clicks right 
onto the corner of the Boogie Board so you always have something to write with. It snaps on nice and tight so it won't fall of in your purse or diaper bag. This is awesome because we all know how horrible it is when we have to dig through to the bottom of our bags for something to write with. I have officially stolen this cool tool from the kids to use for work orders, grocery lists and trips to the hardware store. We are always building something or fixing up our home so my man has been using the Boogie Board Jot 4.5 to draw up measurement. It is small enough to fit in my mans back pocket when we are at the Hardware store. It's perfect and sells for about $19.99 !!! So affordable. YAY!! We are a Boogie Board family and you should be too.
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