Wicked Cool Toys, Cabbage Patch Kid "Baby So Real" Review

Wicked Cool Toys is a team-oriented workplace that cares deeply about its culture and its people. Though they have fun every day, they take the job of developing products that make kids happy very seriously.
In the fall of 2016 the NEW 14" Cabbage Patch Kid "Baby So Real" was introduced for the first time ever! This CPK "Baby So Real" combines traditional play patterns with amazing ground breaking technology. The Baby So Real allows you to enjoy one of the most magical and interactive experiences in history of the baby doll category.

Every little girl loves to pretend to have a baby and be the best mommy she can be. 

Baby So Real lets your little one play with a doll that truly interacts by making sweet baby sounds and having random reactions designed to surprise and delight. Your childs touch will bring Baby So Real to life with beautifully animated LCD eyes that open, close and look around.

Just like a real baby this Cabbage Patch Kid can make over 30 expressions with her true life eyes. It is absolutely amazing how Baby So Real can let you know how she's feeling by looking at her eyes.

Baby So Real has sensors that allow her to interact in so many ways. She can play peek-a-boo and even has tickle play. You can feed your baby with a special bottle that is included in the box. Your Baby So Real will even ask "burp me" after feeding and she will make a burping sound.
She will need her diaper changed too. Lay your baby on her back, remove her dirty diaper and once a clean one has been put on she will say phrases like "All Better."

Baby So Real will also want to be rocked to sleep. She loves it when she is gentle rocked before she is layed down for a nap. Once she is tired and ready to sleep she will yawn, close her eyes and say things like "night, night."
When Baby So Real develops a fever you will know it because her check will actually glow red. You can calm her and nurse her back to health by using a little TLC and a magical spoon that is also included in this super cool set.  Once she starts to feel better her checks will stop glowing and she will say "Feel Better." 
As if Baby So Real was not exciting enough your child can even play a game using a free app. This game is the coolest ever!!! Using Bluetooth your child can link the baby to their choosen device and begin to play with this adorable little one.  This interactive game will allow your child to earn Baby Points by changing the Baby So Real diaper, feeding her, rocking her to sleep and caring for her by giving medicine. These Baby Points can be exchanged to aquire vitual elements in the Baby So Real  baby room. This will allow mommy to personalize her babys room by purchacing furnature, accessories and changing the window scenery. There are even virtual outfits that can be bought with Baby Points. 
Each Cabbage Patch Kid "Baby So Real" comes complete with a birth certificate and adoption papers. These sweet little babies papers will include the childs name and birth date.

Baby So Real is available in Blonde, Brunette and African American Babies. They also come with fully removable outfit and diaper, a special interactive bottle and medicine spoon.

Theses babies are soft, cuddly and super lovable. Batteries are included as well. 

There are also some available with a bonus outfit. How cool is that. A good mommy keeps her baby neat and clean and that is why these outfits are machine washable.

Look for these Cabbage Patch Kid "Baby So Real" dolls at a store near you or find them online.

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