ANNABIS Luxury Aroma-Bloc Handbag & Accessories

AnnaBís helps women feel stylish, free and secure when carrying their cannabis, but there’s something deeper.
Women personalize all the important aspects of our lives.
We have gorgeous wallets for our money and covers for our phone, lovely glasses cases and cosmetic bags.
Why don’t we have something beautiful customized for our cannabis?
AnnaBis is about integrating our journey with cannabis into the journey of our lives.
You know what you need for the beach.
You know what you need for your cannabis. Being prepared makes every trip better.

I was able to review the MAYA bag from AnnaBis. 
It's a woderful clutch size bag that holds a decent amout of stuff.
You can throw her in a tote or keep her in your hand at a dinner party--
you’ll look good either way.
The MAYA has two internal compartments inside.
Each zip shut, these compartments contain an Aroma-Bloc that keep even the strongest-smelling herb contained. 
100% genuine Italian leather exterior
Purple jacquard lining
Elastic lighter band and two convenient pouches 
On the outside of the bag there is a pocket (it doesn't zip shut) perfect for your cell phone. 
The MAYA is available in SIX different colors. 
Mines Purple Buff Python. 
I love the deep purple color and the snake skin pattern on the outside. 
No matter what you put in this clutch/purse, your stash or something else it won't be detected by smell. It's truly smell proof. Great clutch/purse. Super cute, goes with everything and the fact that you can carry cannibis product in it without being detected is great. 
You can use this for everyday use, not just for when carrying cannibis. 

Annabis Handbags & Accessories 
come in numerous sizes and prints
ranging from $245-$70

Lady G

Lady G is the cool crossbody that becomes a waistbag with an easy clip of the strap. Outside on back, find your handy phone pocket. Twist the claps and lift the flap to see two Aroma-Bloc™ zippered compartments that tame smelly sinsemilla and pungent paraphernalia. 

This bag comes in 3 diffrent colors/prints


This is your everyday go-to – like that friend you call when you want good company for your café society life, or yoga. (Phone? Check! Wallet? Check! Keys? Check! No more where are my…?).

This bag comes in 3 different colors/prints


Chelsea is your shoulder-swinging mobile office, makeup counter, cannabis companion. The roomy top compartment (for a mini bucket bag) is lined with six organizing pockets for everything quotidian and necessary.

This bag comes in 2 different colors/prints
(they are currently on sale)

(bag I reviewed)

Maya is the happiness bag for a phenomenal woman. You can throw her in a tote or keep her in your hand at a dinner party—you’ll look good either way. She’s got an easy-access but secure external phone pocket to maximize marijuana storage inside.

This bag comes in 6 different colors/prints

The Melissa

No bigger than a toiletries kit, this canna-trees bag is a super carryall. It can fit different types of green, accessories, and après-session essentials—you know, everything you could need for a weekend or a month (depending on your consumption rituals).

This bag comes in 6 different colors/prints


RiRi works hard and looks fierce while she’s at it. This is a carry case for the woman who knows what she needs by her side: some serious glassware and super fresh green. The elegant exterior is fancy enough for a night at the opera, and works as a powerful protective cushion for your favorite pipe and vape.

This bag comes in 4 different colors/prints

The Whoopee

Oscar Wilde said what is fashionable is beautiful but useless. Sorry, Oscar: this gorgeous bag is also one tough Aroma-Bloc cookie. Whatever you take—pipe, vape, three kinds of hand lotion, and a whole lot of herbaceous smellaceous— she keeps it neat and discreet.

This bag comes in 12 different colors/patterns

The Frankie

Oh Frankie! So to the point! He (or is it she) is so minimalist it’s almost naughty. Sleek and functional like what your pencil case would look like if you were in a Ganja-grad masterclass. 

This bag comes in 2 different colors/patterns

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