Haircredible Hair Care Review & Giveaway


Haircredible Hair Care is a sophisticated hair care line that embodies Power, Confidence, and Luxury. Haircredible strengthens leadership by being a brand that empowers while also aiding towards great transformation inside and out. Creating their signature ingredients to cater to Fine and Thin hair women so that they can stop being mislead and mistreating their hair with whats out here today. Fine Hair and Thinning Hair has it’s own lane and Haircredible is here to let those know that their products are formulated specifically for you!

Haircredible has an incredible line of product for hair. I have been using their Rich Argan Oil Smoothie Shampoo and Conditioner as well as the Agan Oil & Shea Butter Masque. These products are awesome and smell delicious.
Haircredible Rich Argan Oil Smoothie Shampoo is enriched with one of the world's rarest oils, Moroccan Argan Oil. This gentle cleanser adds moisture into the hair, while eliminating any dry or brittle feeling.


Haircredible Rich Argon Oil Smoothie Conditioner gently detangles and moisturizes without weighing your hair down. It is rich in vitamins and antioxidants to help strenghten dry brittle hair.

Haircredible Rich Argan Oil Smoothie Shampoo & Conditioner leaves my hair feeling, looking and smelling clean. I am in love with this product. I close my eyes and enjoy it's creamy orange scent. It reminds me of a sweet orange smoothie with notes of citrus and vanilla. It is gentle on my curls and leaves my hair shiny and oh so soft. It os perfect for soft curls and extensions.

Strengthens Hair
Fights Sundamage
UV & Thermal Protectant
Non Stripping
Repair and Protect
No Parabens, No Sulfates, No Sodium Chloride

Haircredible Argan Oil & Shea Butter Masque is a special hydration treat for my hair that I like to use about once a week. You want to apply this masque to towel dried hair, comb it through and then let it sit in your hair for 20-30 minutes. Take a break from your busy life, have a cup of tea, grab a book and let your locks soak in this delicious masque.
This is an intense treatment enriched with Shea Butter and Moroccan Argan Oil. Penetrates the cuticle deeply to rebuild strength, restore elasticity and hydrate dry or damaged hair. 
No Parabens or Sodium Chloride. Color & Straightener Safe.
Restores Moisture Balance
Restore Elasticity
Deeply Nourishes
Cuticle- enriching conditioning

You can buy Haircredible Hair Care individual products or you can grab a kit for your hair. Just choose your hair type. Haircredible has an awesome Curly Hair Kit for Volume and a Curly Hair Kit for Definition. You can also get the entire line when you purchase the Full Luxury Kit.

One lucky Simple Side of Life reader will win Haircredibles Rich Agran Oil Smoothie Shampoo!