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I am a huge pet person. I have adopted numerous animals of all types but I can only fit so many in my home. We have all been faced with that question....."can I have a puppy?" "Can I have a kitty?" It doesn't seem to matter how many pets you already have your children always want more. Or maybe you are allergic to pet dander and fur so adopting a pet for your child becomes difficult because it is impossible for you to live with. 

Cabbage Patch Kids Adoptimals are a fantastic solution to this problem. Adoptimals are the perfect answer to the question "can I have a puppy?" These adorable little 9" fur friends are looking to be adopted by children 3 years and up. 

It doesn't matter what your age is, we all love the Cabbage Patch Kids brand. Just like their baby doll counterparts these Adoptimals come complete with a Certificate of Ownership. This is a wonderful way to introduce your little one to the process and importance of adopting a pet.

Your Adoptimals pet will include a food/water bowl, a brush and a special heart shaped locket. When you press the heart your Adoptimals will make pet sounds and phrases. My little puppy barks and pants just like a real dog.

You can also pair them with one of the 14" Cabbage Patch Kids heart key braclet and unlock your pet's magical locket for lights and a heart beat. Or simple collect and play with them on their own.

My Adoptimals puppy is sooo super cute and he is extremely soft. Your child will love to pet and snuggle their Adoptimals all day and night. The bonus to adopting one of these pets is you won't need to vacuum everyday. You also won't find slobber and fur in the bed. They will not cost a fortune to feed and there is no mess to clean up. So next time your child wants to adopt a pet just take them to get an Adoptimals.
Each authentic Adoptimals has "Cabbage Patch Kids Adoptimals" printed across one rear paw and of course the familiar "Xavier Roberts" signed across the other back paw.  
Adoptimals come in 8 different options so choose a favorite or even better.....collect them all.
You can purchase these Cabbage Patch Kids Adoptimal s at Target, Toys R Us, Walmart, Kmart, Amazon and Cabbage Patch Kids Babyland General. 
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