Focus Nutrition Products ~ Xylitol Products Review & Giveaway

ALL Focus Nutrition Products are made from Xylitol.  
Before I talk about the products I received for review
I want to make sure all of you know what Xylitol is. 


Among diet conscious people, Xylitol is building up its reputation as one very beneficial and important source of maintaining the desired level of sugar in the body as one of the best sugar alternatives.

Some of the health benefits of xylitol include its ability to control glucose and insulin levels in the body, manage diabetes, reduce bacterial growth, improve the health of gums and teeth, prevent overeating, help in weight loss efforts, fight off dangerous viruses, eliminate ear infections, boost sinus health, build strong bones, strengthen the immune system, reduce ulcers, prevents bad breath, and even protects against stomach cancer.
 xylitol is a sugar substitute that is far better for your body than typical white refined sugar. It is often considered a “diabetic sweetener” and is basically as sweet as sucrose, but has 33% less calories. 

Xylitol is obtained from the fibrous material of a number of common fruits and vegetables, as well as mushroom, berries, oats, corn husks, sugar cane, and birch. Xylitol can be created or extracted in a number of ways, including tapping a birch tree for birch sap, as well as allowing the isolated chemical to ferment the xylose and extract a high yield of xylitol. The hydrogenation of xylose also results in the conversion of the sugar aldehyde into a primary alcohol. Xylitol was actually discovered back in the 19th century by chemists in Germany and France, but didn’t come in a pure form until the 1930s. It was actually used during WWII as a substitute for sugar for many troops. Nowadays, xylitol can be found as a replacement sweetener in chewing gum, toothpaste, mouthwash, and even some pharmaceutical medicines. The definition of xylitol as a “natural sweetener” comes under some debate, because while it is derived from natural pulp sources, it must still undergo considerable chemical processing before it can be used as a pure replacement for normal white sugar.

 Now for the actual products
that I was able to review. 


XyloBurst is a small candies that is naturally sweetened with 100% Xylitol. They are sugar free and aspartame free.
They come in Mint type flavors/taste and Fruit Sours. My favorite is the Grape Fruit Sours. 

The flavors are:
Wintermint, Peppermint, Licorice Mint, Berry Mints, Ginger Mints, Lemon, Berry, Cinnamon
Grape Sour, Cherry Sour, Orange Citrus Sour, Watermelon Sour

XyloBurst mints & XyloBurst sours are sugar-free and sweetened exclusively with 100% all-natural xylitol! Professional studies have shown that consuming products with high amounts of xylitol, along with daily brushing, may reduce the risk of dental caries. Just like XyloBurst gum, XyloBurst sours will leave your mouth feeling clean and refreshed. And remember 6 to 8 grams each day is recommended to help improve oral health.

You can buy these mints a few different ways but I received mine in the tins. They are perfect to take anywhere, purse, car or even in your pocket. 

The mints and fruit sours all have a great taste. The sours in my opinion aren't really sour, they just have a fruity taste with I guess a mint of sour. All are very good, but the Grape is my favorite. 


XyloBurst blister packs of gum come in five different flavors:
Cinnamon, Spearmint, Fresh Fruit, Peppermint & Green Tea

Convenient, simple and fits in any pocket, XyloBurst Blister Cards are perfect for those on the go. Each blister card contains 12 pieces of breath-freshening XyloBurst gum. And each box contains 12 blister cards. It's just like you see at the checkout counter.

Sweet and refreshing yet sugar-free, XyloBurst xylitol chewing gum will leave your mouth feeling fresh and clean. Sweetened exclusively with 100% all-natural xylitol and recommended by dentists worldwide, XyloBurst xylitol chewing gum has positive oral health benefits. Each piece has over 1 gram of xylitol. So remember, 6 to 8 grams a day may help improve oral health.

Each piece of gum leaves your mouth feeling so clean. I love this gum. I am not  big gum chewer, but I do enjoy a piece once a day. When I am craving something sweet lately this is my go to treat. 


I really enjoyed all the products I received from Focus Nutrition. I am usually not a fan of things with Xylitol in them. I had purchased some gum a while back containing Xylitol and it just had an odd taste and was very hard and an odd chewy like wax feeling in my mouth. This gum is not that way. It actually tastes like the flavor it is, the taste lasts for a while and it leaves a good feeling in your mouth, a very clean good feeling. As for the mints. EXCELLENT. I love them all. Like I said the mints and gum are both my go to items when I am craving sweets.
Excellent products from an excellent company.