Revomax Vacuum Insulated Flask Review

The Flask that will Change the Way you Drink

I have lots of water bottles/flasks but I have never had one quite as cool as this. 
Usually you have to twist on and off the cap, two hands are needed and they always seem to leak no matter how tight you put on the lid. You can also only put flat beverages in them, no carbonation. Not anymore... Revomax makes the most awesome bottle/flask every. Not just for the cool lid, but the whole bottle is perfect. 
Revomax is perfect for hiking, taking in the car, to work every day or anywhere you want a nice hot or cold beverage. 
Your hot beverage will stay hot for hours and your cold beverage will stay cold for hours, making this the perfect container to carry anything you drink in. 

NO leaking, since Revomax has a green safety button on the top and pops up when the flask is sealed you never have to worry about making a mess or loosing your beverage. 
One handed, quick and easy on and off. 

Revoax even comes with this cool funnel to help you fill  your flask. If you wanted to add powders. 
The flask comes in two sizes
12 oz & 20 oz
and two options
Classic Flask or Medical Grade Stainless Flask

Choose from
Onyx Black
  • No-twist, leak-free, high performance flask for a high performance life.
  • Innovative threadless bottle and cap - single-click, single-hand action to open, lock, drink or refill.
  • Vacuum insulated, energy reflection inner layer and double-seal cap - keeps hot up to 18 hours, or cold up to 36 hours.
  • Powder-coated exterior with matte finish - durable, colorful and sweat-free.
  • Food grade 18/8 stainless steel and silicone rubber seal - BPA-free, phthalate-free, leak- free.
  • Dishwasher safe cap

Truly the BEST flask around. 
I don't leave my house without it. 
Works great with morning coffee, daytime water and evening seltzer water. 
Easy to clean, easy to use, never worry about spills or hard to get off lids again.