BulliBone & Treat Trap Review

Bullibones are super tuff nylon chews flavored all the way through! Shaped with an easy-hold paw grip, your best bud can hang on and enjoy for hours!
Available in three sizes and three flavors, Bullibones are perfect for every dog.
I have two small dogs that get really excited when packages arrive. 
Not only do they love our delivery guys, but, they seem to think that every package is for them. 
Yesterday their hopes & dreams came true. 
A box of BulliBones were delivered. I sat on the couch with the box, they both watched so patiently as I opened it up. Waiting to see what was inside possibly for them. 
Once I took the BulliBones out of the package Molly our Mini Dachshund took off with the small one, leaving the larger one for Jacky the Shih Tzu, she was not as impressed, but that is normal for Jacky. 
Molly later stole the large BulliBone for herself, she has hidden it somewhere in the yard for later use. 
The Treat Trap the girls decided to save as a Easter Gift for their cousin Benji. 
The BulliBone is a perfect way for your dog to achieve perfect dental hygiene.
Reducing tartar, plaque, the freshening of your dog’s breath and the maintaining of healthier gums.
The BulliBone is easy for your dog to hold, the bottom has an easy-hold paw pad. 
I can tell Molly really likes this feature, in her normal rolled up chewy's she tries so hard to hold it up-right with her paws, I watch her sometimes and it seems like she is putting more effort into holding the chewy then chewing on it. 
The BulliBone comes in THREE different flavors & sizes
BEEF                                   BACON                                 PEANUT BUTTER
This 4 – 1/2″ long lasting nylon bone is designed for small and medium-sized dogs and puppies.

Our flagship  7″ long nylon bone, made for medium and large sized dogs, started it all.

Is your dog extra large? Our XL bone is made with a wide chew head that’s perfect for dogs with big mouths and paws.

Since all dogs chew, why not get them something safe to chew on. Instead of chewing on furniture, shoes, those not so safe rawhides get them BulliBones.
Chewing is both
 a need and a nuisance, chewing fills several roles for your dog’s health: it aids in good dental hygiene, eases anxiety and stress, and provides a playful outlet for your dog’s energy. …


is a combination treat trapping toy and flavored nylon chew designed to keep your dog’s treat time engaging.
Because Easter is around the corner and I always send my son and his girlfriend something, I decided to save The Treat Trap for their dog Benji, he loves this kind of thing. The kids are gone most all day with college and work so Benji get's bored. The Treat Trap will be a good thing to keep him entertained, clean his teeth and give him a treat in exchange. 

Made with natural flavoring and the same safe nylon alternative as the Bullibone, chewing Treat Traps reduces tartar and plaque to freshen your dog’s breath by maintaining healthier gums, an important component of good canine dental hygiene.
The Treat Traps shape is designed to be challenging for your dog to flip.
The top treat hole is placed so the treat only comes out if the trap is flipped on one side. Your dog has to figure out which side to flip the trap to get the treat.

BulliBones are a great product for any size dog. 
Check them out, your dog will be happy you did.