Barlean's Review

In 2013, Barlean’s set out on an epic journey that completely changed our company purpose. We call it paving a "Pathway to a Better Life" - the focus of which revolves around creating prosperity for people in a variety of meaningful ways.  Thus, a significant amount of our corporate profits are now donated to help those less fortunate. As a result, we have come to view our products in a new light. They have become more than nutritional supplements; they are now our primary vehicle for realizing our purpose of paving a Pathway to a
Better Life for those most in need throughout the world. 
Barlean's is committed to providing a range of dietary supplements that meet or exceed our customer’s expectations, and we have a history of building long-term partnerships with our customers and suppliers.

It is our philosophy to continuously improve and innovate in all aspects of our company organization. To that end, our quality systems, standards, and procedures are constantly reviewed to ensure that we extend beyond commonly accepted boundaries of excellence. 

Thus, we are committed to satisfying and/or surpassing the requirements of retailers, consumers, and relevant national and international legislation on quality and food safety.

I was able to try the four above products from Barlean's. 
I really like all of them, especially the Greens Chocolate Silk, it's now my daily morning drink. 
All are very high quality products that work great. 

Fish Oil Omega Swirl Ultra High Potency Key Lime Flavor 16oz

I will admit, I was scared to try this product. I have tried other fish oil products in the past and didn't like them. They would make me burp horribly and I would get heartburn almost all day. Plus that fishy tastJust not worth it.

But after getting brave enough to try Bralean's Fish Oil Omega Swirl I was impressed. 
NO burbs, NO heartburn
Just an amazingly good key line taste. 
NO fishy taste at all. 
BEST way to take  your fish oil. 

Mega 1,500 mg EPA/DHA Per Serving! 
• Made with Barlean's Fresh Catch® Fish Oil 
• Purity Guaranteed – Ultra Purified 
• Delicious, Key Lime Smoothie Taste & Texture 
• No Artificial Flavors or Colors 
• No Sugar– Sweetened Naturally with Xylitol 
• Proprietary Amplified Absorption™ Emulsification Technology for Improved Nutrient Absorption and No Fish Burps 
• Gluten Free, Non-GMO 

With over 1,850 mg of Omega-3 per serving, everyone can enjoy the benefits of a super-charged dose of Omega-3 without any fishy taste or oil texture - or large capsules to swallow.

Total Omega Vegan Omega Swirl Pomegranate Blueberry Flavor

You will see the difference in your skin after a short time of taking this wonderfully good fruity Omega. It's like youth in a bottle. 

Just ONE Tablespoon a day. 

• Complete and Balanced Vegan Omega-3 Nutrition 
• Made with Fresh Flaxseed Oil and Pure Borage Oil 
• 100% Vegan Plant-Based DHA 
• Delicious, Blueberry Pomegranate Smoothie Taste & Texture 
• No Artificial Flavors or Colors 
• No Sugar– Sweetened Naturally with Xylitol 
• Proprietary Amplified Absorption™ Emulsification Technology for Improved Nutrient Absorption 
• Gluten Free, Non-GMO 
Total Omega Vegan Swirl combines fresh flaxseed oil, pure borage oil and plant-based DHA for a complete and balanced source of Omegas 3, 6 and 9. Our proprietary emulsification technology gives this formula the delicious taste and texture of a fruit smoothie and provides superior absorption compared to standard nutritional supplements.
Barlean's Butter Flavored Organic
Coconut Oil 

I make brussel sprouts almost every night. They are my favorite side dish. I use this coconut oil that is butter flavored to cook them.
It leaves an excellent buttery taste. 

Butter Flavored Organic Coconut Oil offers all the healthy benefits of organic coconut oil, with the rich taste of butter.  Great on toast, popcorn, baked potatoes or cooked vegetables, it's also a perfect for baking and sautéing, too.  

We sustainably harvested organic coconuts, then add butter flavoring that comes only from botanical extracts. From our family to yours, enjoy!

SUGGESTED USE: Substitute 1:1 for butter in baking, cooking and frying under 375°F. Refrigeration isn't required but may be desired if your prefer a solid consistency. Coconut oil will begin to soften and melt at 76°F.

Certified Organic    Vegan    NON-GMO Project Verified    No Dairy, Gluten or Soy
No Trans Fat or Hydrogenated Fats
Cholesterol Free
No Coconut Flavor or Odor

Comes in the follwing flavors:
Superfruit Greens Powder
Strawberry-Kiwi Flavor

Greens Powder OrganicGreens Powder Organic Natural Berry Flavor
Greens Powder Chocolate Silk Flavor 

My so far favorite Bralean's product. 
This tastes great, gives you a dose of your daily greens with an excellent chocolate taste. 
Delicious hot or cold, I prefer it cold. Barlean's suggests to mix this product with milk or your favorite milk substitute but I mix mine with water and ice. 

• Delicious Chocolate Flavor Made with Fair-Trade, Antioxidant-Rich Cocoa 
• Perfect Super-Nutrition for the Whole Family – Kid’s Love it! 
• No Added Sugars – Sweetened with All-Natural Stevia Leaf Extract 
• Delicious Hot or Cold 
• Dairy, Soy and Gluten Free and Non-GMO

Our Chocolate Silk Greens are the easiest and most delicious way to fuel your whole family with powerful whole food nutrition. Made with antioxidant-rich, fair trade cocoa, this super-concentration of greens, fruits and vegetables is perfect for chocolate lovers. If you are hesitant to try a green food supplement because you think you won’t like the taste, this is the perfect product for you. Mix it with milk or your favorite milk substitute for a delicious, healthy alternative to chocolate milk and hot chocolate.

Great products from a great company.