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The Solight company mission is to provide lights to those who need them most. There are over 1.6 billion people who have no access to electricity and clean sustainable lighting, something most of us take for granted.

To aid this mission, 10% of's online sales goes to supplying lights throughout the world through their NGO partners. These organizations work in developing regions to deliver lights to people in need.

You can help today. Buy lights on the Solight-Design website to give to any of their participating NGO partners and they will add another 10%. Together we can achieve 10 Million Rays of Light.

I am so I love with Solight Design. This product is awesome. It's durable, functional, light weight, fun and it's a lifesaver. Solight Design has an amazing line of solar lights. 


I have been using the Twilight solar light cube. It's super cool. It comes packaged in a zip bag that's reusable so you are able to just pack it back up without ripping a box or taking up space. The Twilight is flatpackable so it lays super flat. It's just a pinch longer than my cell phone. I have a case on my phone and the Twilight truly does fold up to the same size. 
This inflatable solar lamp is different from other like it that I have seen because of the many color options you can buy.  
Another feature that sets it apart is that it's self inflating. There's no need to blow it up. The Solight Twilight has two tiny holes in the 
The Solight Twilight is so simple and safe to use it's perfect for every age. To charge it you just need to place it in the sunlight. To get a full charge leave it in the sun for 8 hours.  An 8 hour charge will get you 4 hours on HIGH, 6 hours on LOW and 7 hours on RED!! There is also an SOS flashing setting in case you need help.
My awesome little Twilight glows red and white but other Solight products can change all different colors.
sides so that when you open it up, air enters through the holes and fills the lamp. The Twilight stays inflated until you squish it flat. This makes it simple to use and easy to share. Your friends and family can all use it  without needing to place their lips on a blow hole.
They even have one that changes up to 6 bright colors RED, GREEN, BLUE WHITE, YELLOW, PURPLE!!
These color changing lamps are perfect for home, camping, parties, a beach stroll and I think that would be awesome at an outdoors wedding!! 
The Solight is the perfect backpacking lantern because it requires no batteries, it's light as air, it folds up tiny and all you need to
do is attach it to the outside of your hiking bag and it will charge all day as you hike through the sun. Then it's charged and ready for use at night when you set up camp.

Solight is a must have at home in your emergency supplies because with Solight you will always be prepared for the next power outage or natural disaster. When not in use, Solight holds a full charge for about three months. After that, up to 50% of her charge for two years.

Solight Design is a genuine, loving company that cares to make a difference in the lives of those who need. You can feel good about your purchase from Solight because a portion of all net sales is allocated to providing lights to non profits and orphanages that Solight supports.

Every country and culture has different needs and values.  In one country, or area of that country, Solight may work with organizations (NGOs) that will provide the SolarPuff™ free of charge. In another country, they may subsidize the cost of SolarPuff™ and allow the local economy to sell them at an affordable price, which in turn will allow them to make a living and add to the overall local economy at large. The end result is still the same: to provide clean, sustainable lighting to those in need.

The generous people at Solight Design have happily provided Simple Side of Life readers a 10% coupon.

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