Infinity Jars Review

The World's Best Glass Jars
Infinity Jars sells a very popular line of high performance storage containers for cooking ingredients, dried herbs, bitters, tea, coffee, cosmetics, nuts, oils, etc. They are airtight and light optimized, meaning they block out visible light that degrades organic goods. The result is they keep goods fresh for an extremely long time!
I have been using these 3 jars now in my kitchen for about a  month and love them. The quality is excellent. 
At my local warehouse store I purchase a large container of Olive Oil, but of course I am not a fan of keeping that large container on my counter. Plus it's a very heavy glass container that I don't want to get out each and every night. So I am now transferring oil from it to the wonderful 500 ML SQUARE GLASS BOTTLE WITH OIL SPOUT
Not only does it seal perfectly, the bottle is a special Ultraviolet Glass Prevents Transmission of Visible Light, Keeps Products Fresh Longer. I also love the shape of the glass jar (square) it's make it very easy to pick up and hold while cooking. Overall this glass bottle has been useful and keeps my oil fresh as the day I bought it. 

Easy to refill using a funnel, can be washed over and over again for re-use. This bottle will hold 16.8 fl oz.
All bottles come with 2 adhesive writable labels.

We just made our line of Ultraviolet Glass Square Oil Bottles EVEN BETTER. How you ask? We spoke with our customers, we listened to our customers and we carefully took notes. The people overwhelmingly demanded that we add even more functionality to our bottles and jars so in our everlasting and ongoing campaign to constantly provide the best possible experience for our customers we proudly present the 500 ml (16.8 fl oz) Square Oil Bottle with Oil Spout. This bottle comes equipped with the standard BPA free airtight plastic screw top cap and a BPA free plastic spout, perfect for pouring oil, vinegar, dish soap and more. This bottle is engineered out of strong European Ultraviolet Glass and prevents the transmission of damaging visible light onto your products. Basic clear and amber colored glass containers transmit negative visible light and in addition are frequently not airtight or leak proof, over time causing spills and oxygen damage. So why settle for less? Get yourself or a loved one the best 500 ml (16.8 fl oz) Square Oil bottle around.
I use this glass jar for tea. I also buy tea in bulk. I buy most items in bulk, it saves me money. But since my home is small and my kitchen is small I don't just like leaving all those large items out. Plus when you keep the larger bags open often they seem to go bad fast. So I take out what I need and close the bag back up till needed. This 250 ML GLASS SCREW TOP JAR is perfect for loose leaf tea. It's Airtight, Lightproof, Smell-proof, Leak-proof.
Looks, bold, modern and actually suitable for any room decor, would actually look good in the kitchen or bathroom. 
Our top selling product, the 250 ml (8.4 fluid ounces) screw top jar is right-sized for almost any kitchen or bathroom need.
This airtight, leakproof, and smellproof jar is watertight and is lab-proven to organically preserve dried goods for as long as 2 years! The secret of its high-performance is in its glass pigmentation. While it looks black on the outside, it's actually made of ultraviolet glass. Ultraviolet glass blocks all harmful visible light while permitting beneficial UV and infrared rays that actually extend the freshness of goods.
This jar is a staple of our organization in every room of our team's houses. It's used for custom tea blends, infusing olive oil, coconut flakes, open bags of nuts, holding bath salt and shower gel infusions, cotton swabs, paperclips, and more. We throw it in our bag for hikes and beach days and take it in our lunch to work. It's the right jar for most any job.
I made my own room deodorizer with essential oils and used this glass bottle to store it in. It's the perfect size and the spray bottle function works great. It sprays out a super fine mist allowing me to get just the right amount of scent each time. This bottle holds .5 fl oz of liquid and it's easy to fill with a funnel. The lid seals tight so no worries about spills. Can be re-used and washed with soap and water and just rinsed out if needed.
Balance. Whether it's in relationships or life, balance, harmony and synchronicity are what we're all looking for. Our 15 ml fine mist spray bottle is the perfect balance of size, design and functionality. At 15 ml capacity, this bottle comfortably fits most conventionally sized essential oils and provides the perfect spray to administer them. Take this small bottle on the go, as it fits nicely in backpacks, purses, and satchels. The crisp dark color of the glass shines nicely and when held to the light shows as dark violet. Avid perfumers, aromatherapists and hobbyists will want to add a quantity of these lovely pieces to their collection. Lastly, the ultraviolet glass this bottle is made out of helps prevent the degradation of organic materials by blocking out visible light. In addition, ultraviolet glass allows some UV light and Infrared light wavelengths to enter which helps to sanitize the inside of the bottle from bacteria and other pathogens. This scientifically designed fine mist spray bottle is the optimal storage for all precious liquids. Dispensing a perfect mist cloud with every gentle pump, this fine mist spray bottle can be used for DIY perfume, surface cleaners and essential oils. Don't forget to add this to your gift lists for friends and family.
If you are looking for good quality jars you are in the right place. 
Infinity Jars are excellent quality and expand the life of your product. 
By blocking out the light whatever you store inside won't see the day of light unless you open the lid. 
From essential oils, to herbs, to anything you want to store inside. 
Shop around, Infinity Jars has so many types, sizes and shape to offer. You will find what you are looking for. 

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