PlayMonster ~ My Fairy Garden Review

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Looking for the perfect item to place in your little ones Easter basket this spring???? Well look no more because My Fairy Garden is perfection! 
This is one of the coolest creations I have seen in a while. It's a beautiful way for your child to imagine a wonderland of fairies while learning how to grow, care for and tend to their garden. 
We are a gardening family. We love to not just eat what we grow but we love to go outside everyday and watch what is growing. Every little change of the plants is magical to us. Sometimes it is tough to get kids truly into gardening because with having a large outdoor garden comes a lot of work, bugs and weeding. I have found that My Fairy Garden is the perfect way to get kids interested in gardening without being overwhelmed.
My Fairy Garden is a magical land where you child can grow his/her own plants and it's sooo super simple. My Fairy Garden is a complete kit with everything you need from soil and seeds to fairies and tools. How awesome is that?
These are not just any ole seeds either these seeds are MAGICAL seeds and will grow a beautiful garden with just a little love. We have Freya's Magical Cottage in our home and love it. To get started you set up your fairy cottage. The cottage itself is made up of three simple to assemble pieces. Then you just snap on the bright green doors so your fairy has some privacy while she's inside of her home. Place your lilac toadstool on top of the cottage and your set to garden.
Freya's Magical Cottage comes with three soil discs. To get the soil ready for planting all you need to do is soak them in a bowl with three cups of water and allow them to soften. The discs will absorb the water as you watch them grow. Once the soil is damp, break it up with your magical garden rake and then scoop the soil into the planting areas. Then sprinkle the seeds around in the dirt areas making sure they are not too crowded and gently press them into the soil with your gardening tools.
My Fairy Garden comes complete with a watering can, rake, shovel, scoop and hoe. I love the bright fun colors of each tool.  Along with this adorable set of tools is an outdoor furniture set. This set is perfect for your fairies patio and excellent for those sunny days when Freya has her friends over for tea parties.
This outdoor set is very simple to set up. The chairs are in three pieces allowing your little one to get crafty and learn to build furniture.
Now that your My Fairy Garden is all set up it just needs to be watered on a regular bases. Use the watering can that's included and pour water into the top of the toadstool. The water will trickle out of the toadstool and spill over the lip of the roof so it can trickle down into the base. Your little one will learn responsibility and the joys that come from some TLC. Place your garden in an area that gets sun and make sure to rotate it daily to ensure that all your plants get the warmth of the sun. After 6-10 weeks you will see growth.

The My Fairy Garden Collection also includes Lily Pond and Tree Hollow.

Kids and parents can celebrate the season of renewal with the perfect toy for young nurturers – My Fairy Garden from PlayMonster, a toy that’s a REAL, LIVE garden. My Fairy Garden gives kids a connection to nature and a sense of satisfaction at having nurtured a living thing. Children plant the quick-germinating seeds and care for their garden, all while setting up and playing with adorable fairies, woodland friends and accessories.

Freya the fairy, her friend, and gardening accessories and tools are priced at $19.99-$24.99 and available at Barnes & Noble, Toys “R” Us and Outset.

You can also purchase My Fairy Garden directly from PlayMonster.

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