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Brandon is the CEO of Counter Strike Coffee. He is a 10 year Combat Veteran from Houston, Texas and is now producing a brand new line of outstanding coffee that reflects some of the experiences individuals have while serving this great country of ours. Veterans, Active Duty Military, L.E.O.’s, Public Safety and Military supporters alike will be able to enjoy the animated depictions of each roast while consuming the best damn coffee they have ever had.

The idea came to him while teaching his field to urban medical integration class. “I provide coffee for my classes and have a donation bucket. There were always a lot of contributors there, so I figured that there is a huge market there.”

Brandon reflected on his time in the service when coffee was held in high regard just to be able to function. He knew that if he designed amilitary/veteran friendly coffee brand that he could have some serious customers, but that’s not all. “All of the proceeds go back into the company with a portion being donated to charitable veterans organizations”


Counter Strike Coffee is thee perfect coffee to have in our home. My man is a Veteran, he is a Purple Heart recipient. So when I discovered Counter Strike Coffee I knew we had to try it. We received the Counter Strike Coffee sample 6 pack which sells for only $13.95. It is an excellent way to taste variety of blends that this kick ass company offers.
One of the many things I love about Counter Strike Coffee is the bold sense of humor. I love reading through the website and blend descriptions. This coffee company is not for the weak. Counter Strike provides delicious coffee for strong men and women who want to start their day fresh hot cup of kick ass. So if you're looking for a real cup of coffee to drink and you want to support your troops while doing so then you must order Counter Strike Coffee.

When I received my coffee pack in the mail the aroma of these fresh coffee spilled out right when I opened the box. The scent was absolutely amazing and I couldn't wait to get busy tasting each blend. 

~Smooth Operator ~ 

For those of you that want the taste of coffee to resemble the war fighting tactics of a combat hero; Smooth Operator is the coffee for you. This fine cup of combat juice is as dark as the shadows you stalk in, and as smooth as the movements made on target.  Don’t let the name fool you, for as smooth as the taste is, the stimulating effects is fast and on point.

~Never Quit Coffee for the Lone Survivor Foundation~

This is a flavored coffee that was made to benefit the Lone Survivor Foundation.

Counter Strike Coffee has decided to bring you a great tasting vanilla, rum, caramel, Irish cream, and a hint of chocolate (non-alcoholic) coffee that will contribute25% of sales from each bag to the Lone Survivor Foundation

This bag reflects on the foundations goal to restore, empower & renew hope for our wounded service members and their families through health, wellness and therapeutic support.

The Lone Survivor Foundation is a
Federal 501(c)3 Non-Profit
Founded in 2010 by Navy SEAL (Ret.) 
Marcus Luttrell



~Fire Watch~

If you don’t plan on quitting your post until properly relieved, you may need to get yourself a hot cup ofFire Watch in order to keep those little peepers open. This caffeine loaded canteen cup of goodness will get your freedom blood pumping in order to keep always on the alert and observing everything that takes place within sight or hearing.


  Napalm  is a Brazilian Arabica that creates the perfect dark roasted coffee.  There is nothing like the smell of Napalm in the morning.  If you miss the manly military mug of awesomeness that was brewed out on post, then you need this in your life.



~Bombshell Brandy~

Let the flavors of Bombshell Brandy blow your taste buds up with its explosive flavor.
This was designed as a tribute to all of the motivated Woman Warriors out there that sacrificed that stay at home mom job to fight for our Freedom. 
Bombshell Brandy combines the regal flavor of brandy and infuses it with our out of this world coffee. Sit back, relax, and enjoy how free you are to enjoy this awesome cup of coffee due to the men and WOMEN of our armed services.
~Infidel Warhog Roast~

Infidel Warhog Roast is a Hickory Smoked Bacon and Whiskey flavored coffee bean. This blend is awesome!! It has the most delicious smell and fills the entire room while brewing. It is my favorite way to wake up in the morning or if I need an afternoon kick in the pants.  Seriously....there is nothing better than bacon and whiskey. So to have the flavor of two of my favorite things in the world kiss each bean of coffee is an absolute miracle. Everyone must try this.



You can purchase Counter Strike Coffee ground, whole beans and they even have K-Cup "grenades"!! I love the grenades! They are sold in packs of 12 and will blast you awake. 

Counter Strike Coffee has the coolest line of mugs and shirts. These make the best gift and are super hilarious.  I know so many people who would loveCounter Strike Coffee. This entire line of product is perfect for gifts. If you have a Veteran in your life that 
lives off coffee then I suggest you grab a variety of Counter Strike Coffee, a shirt, a mug and create the most killer gift set they have ever received. 

Support an all American, Veteran owned company and be proud that your hard earned dollars are going right back into the success of the company as well as being donated to charitable Veteran organization. Support Counter Strike Coffee

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The Badass CEO of Counter Strike Coffee is giving one Simple Side of Life reader a sampler of coffee (the same as I received) a coffee mug and a t-shirt.