Close Up The Skin Supplement ~ Perfect Mother's Day Gift Review & Giveaway


The Skin Supplement
Banish dull, lifeless skin in the long term. The Skin Supplement nourishes your skin from the inside - so it can heal and repair itself and you can ultimately enjoy softer, younger, prettier skin.

What a perfect way to say Happy Mother's Day, with something every Mom can use, The Skin Supplement. 
Who doesn't want softer, younger, prettier skin?
I know I do. Being a Mom is a stressful job no matter if your kids are young or old a Mom is a non stop job. 
Let The Skin Supplement nourish your skin from inside out. 
Not only will your skin look great but you will have a much needed energy boost. 
I have only been taking The Skin Supplement or 2 weeks and have had such a boost of energy
and am starting to see a change in my skin. 
My skin is looking so soft. 
I can't wait to see the continued results I get. 
This is a product I will continue to take. 

Your Nutritional Target:
Intensively nourish your skin from the inside, banishing a dull and lifeless complexion for good. The Skin Supplement is formulated to give your body the building blocks to heal and repair itself.
You’ll Experience:
The Skin Supplement was created to help feed skin cells and provide the wonderful nutrients – antioxidants, minerals, vitamins – that make the difference between aging skin and younger looking skin. There isn’t any kind of diet in existence that provides all the nutrients, encased in the Skin Supplement’s capsules, every single day.  CORREXIKO’s Skin Supplement lessens the results of cell aging over time meaning that you protect your face, neck and body daily from the signs of aging in the years the come.
You’ll start to feel more awake and energized within 3 days and experience the full range of benefits (from the increased, targeted nutrition and probiotics) within 12-18 weeks of consistent daily use.
CORREXIKO’s Skin Supplement provides the single most comprehensive and targeted formula for improving and protecting your skin in the short and long term. No other beauty supplement in the skincare industry provides the formulas, ingredients and doses that are contained within each of the 5 capsules in the Skin Supplement Sachet.

Your Daily Dose of Beauty:
This sachet of nutritional beauty supplements contains 5 capsules specially formulated to target your distinct skincare concerns:
ENERGY+ Capsule

You’ll receive all of the benefits of this doctor recommended, ground-breaking formula that includes 60 active clinically proven ingredients.

  • Astaxanthin to neutralize free-radical oxidative stress
  • Lycopene for UV protection
  • Collagen precursors to support the strength of the dermal matrix (including elastin and collagen fibers)
  • Hyaluronic acid to maintain extracellular hydration
  • Resveratrol to help the body’s fight against inflammatory action
  • Additional Potent Probiotics to help your body absorb nutrients effectively
  • Natural Energy + Mood boosters to help awaken your body and mind
  • Essential Nutrients, Enzymes, Amino Acids, Minerals and Superfoods to stimulate skin renewal

Nourish skin from the inside out with
The Skin Supplement 



Comes in the pretty pink box, ready to add a box and give to Mom. 
No gift wrapping needed. 
Pills are individually wrapped for easy to take. Just grab a pack each day and take all 5 pills inside. 

For Oral Use – 1 sachet daily (5 capsules) take after meal, not on an empty stomach
The Energy+ capsule contains natural energy and should be taken early in the day
The benefits of each sachet are enhanced by drinking a minimum of 2 litres of water daily.
Must be taken daily for effective results – do not exceed
Enriching and protecting your body from the inside is a long term goal. For optimal results take for at least 12-18 weeks and benefits accumulate with long term use.
Once desired effect is achieved, switch to maintenance dose –1 sachet every 2-3 days
If you feel unable to swallow capsules whole, Correxiko capsules can be opened and the ingredients inside can be sprinkled into juices, yogurt, smoothies, or over salads.
Retail Price: $98.95

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