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T.M.Ward Coffee selects and roasts coffee from all over the world and delivers it to you with any grind you need. Coffee is roasted every day. They also offer a wide range of tea (loose and boxed), dried fruits, nuts, sweets and honey. They sell both retail and wholesale, in their store and online.
T.M. Ward first opened it's doors in 1869. Timothy Michael Ward along with his wife Mary opened the store in the Newark area and soon became a household name known for their great selection and tasting coffee. In the early 1900s after Timothy Ward past away, Mary sold the company to Robert Sommer Juniors Great Grandfather. He took over as owner of T.M. Ward Coffee. He had years of experience working with coffee in the greater New York-New Jersey area selling, trading and importing coffee. He expanded the line of coffee without losing it's amazing quality. Soon after graduating from Rutgers University, Roberts grandfather, William Sommer, joined the company as the first on -the-street salesman. He covered the greater Newark area educating the people about Ward’s coffee. By the late 1950s Ward Coffee had nearly tripled in size and needed a bigger location. They still wanted to keep a store front for walk-in customers and 944 Broad St. became the new location for the business.Roberts father, also joined the company. At this point they again expanding the coffee selection and started bringing in nuts, dried fruit and candy to the store. The company soon expanded adding more packaging machines and grinders, adding equipment servicing and increasing the delivery service.

Now the Sommer boys are proud to be the fourth generation of Sommers at Ward Coffee-- with over a 145 years of experience and still in the heart of Newark. They are carrying on the family tradition with the same motto: Great coffee at a fair price, along with all of the other products they have to offer. The knowledge, craftmanship and love for coffee can be tasted in every cup of Ward Coffee.

I have been super lucky to have the pleasure of tasting multiple roasts of T.M. Ward coffee.  I am blown away at how many different roast they offer. I would love to one day go to their location, sit down and just sip each one. They have a huge variety of Estates Coffee, Flavored Coffee and even Green Coffee. Their green coffee intrigues me I think I am forced to give it a try. Until then I am LOVING the variety of Estate coffees that I have.
T.M. Ward Coffee comes in every shape and form. They offer K-Cups, Whole Bean, Ground Perc, Ground Auto Drip, Ground Espresso and Ground Fine. No need for you own grind if your don't have one T.M. Ward has got you covered. Just pick how you want it and they will ship it right to your front door.  I got K-Cups and Whole Bean. 
Obviously the K-Cups are heaven if you are super crazy busy like I am. Most of the time I need a delicious cup of hot coffee and quick. Between work, sports and kids I want to just grab a k-cup, pop it in the coffee maker and have my coffee ready to go. I swear half the boxes of k-cup in my photo are already empty because I have been living off of T.M. Ward singles ever since they arrived.
T.M. Ward Silk is exactly that....Silk. It is my personal go-to favorite of the roasts I have tried. I know that when I make a cup of Silk I will be enjoying it to the fullest. There is no bitter aftertaste, it is smooth and delicious. I just add a touch of cream and it's perfect for me. Silk Signature Blend is the "white table cloth of all coffees." They combine Sumatra Mandehling, Kenya AA and their Full-City roast, creating a coffee that's deep and dark, yet smooth.  

T.M. Ward K-cups have been working like a charm in my Keurig. I have noticed some brand K-Cups tend to make my Keurig a bit sassy if you know what I mean. With T.M. Ward k-cups I have no issues, no mid brewing messages like, content under pressure or not compatible with this machine. No hassle no problems. These single serve cups work perfectly the first time with no fuss.
The House Blend is another favorite of mine. I can drink it all day it's so good. My man has been drinking the T.M. Ward Bold Justice Dark Roast. It is right up his alley. He is a huge lover of dark, bold coffee so this is perfection.
Before Samuel Alito was nominated to the U.S. Supreme Court by then President George W. Bush, he served in Newark N.J. as the U.S. Attorney for the District of New Jersey. At that time, his law clerks wanted to do something special for his birthday, so they persuaded T.M. Ward Coffee Co. to come up with this bold blend just for him and he drinks it to this very day!  
T.M. Ward Whole Bean coffee is amazing. Look at how beautiful the beans are. They glisten with oil and beg to be ground up and steeped in hot water. Yummmmmy!! Our favorite way to enjoy this is rich coffee is to make in in a french press.

Garden State This coffee is a three-bean roast that is deep, dark, rich, bold -- yet smooth. It keeps you coming back for more.

We have also been enjoying the Full City blend in whole bean. This coffee is a three-bean dark roast. It is strong in body, yet silky smooth -- with an emphasis on bold-sweet flavors.  
Make sure you check out all of T.M. Ward Coffees and while you're on the site look through the teas, nuts, dried fruits, sweets, honey and butters.  There are also some truly incredible gift baskets to choose from. 

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