Hoot for Kids Review & Discount Code

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HOOT for kids is a Treasure Box of 3 or more quality todays that will challenge and engage your child. 
Perfect to get for your own child or give as a gift. 
The child will receive the deep purple HOOT for kids owl, star and moon box i the mail with items that are personilzed towards them (if you do the questionnaire when ordering) 

Your Treasure Box will be customized based upon your child's age and developmental stage.
Our suggested activities and tips for play by a developmental specialist will help your child maximize their potential.
HOOT promotes purpose driven play with toys & activities to strengthen
developmental skills & reach milestones.


HOOT for Kids was born out of our love and passion for children and is led by Lisa, a Pediatric Occupational Therapist. Lisa has dedicated over 25 years helping babies and school aged children alike to challenge themselves recognizing the beauty within each child and their individual differences that make every child unique. Through play, children can learn and grow in their excitement of the world around them.
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Why Hoot?

Toys foster growth and can be used in many creative ways, including as a tool to enhance key developmental areas: fine motor, gross motor and sensory processing skills. In addition, the right toys and activities can also help parents be instrumental in facilitating developmental milestones. Toys can be utilized to address a child’s physical limitations, sensory integration issues, speech and language concerns and other developmental delays including Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).

What was in my Hoot Box?

Super adorable perfect for any young girl. Lots of hands on,play.
Put clothes on Maggie, hang them back up. 
When done the whole thing closes up for easy storage. 
Comes with outfits, hats, backpack,purse & clothes hangers. Maggie stands 4 inches high. Age: 3 plus years. Closet: 6"Wx 6.5"Hx 2"D. Maggie: Stands 4"H. 
Playing with modeling dough will never be the same with this unique dough : it is rehydratable and it smells good! Grape, strawberry (scent I received) banana, you can create fruits and use your imagination! If your kid forgets to close the cup, no problem : simply put a little bit of water on the modeling dough and it will be as good as new! Safe for children.
Learning Resources Color Cubed
Color-matching fun for everyone! Place any card to start. Each card includes different combinations of up to four colors, so be sure to look at your cards closely. How many colors can you match with your next play? Match the most colors, and win! This addictive, make-you-think strategy game builds matching, critical thinking, and addition skills. Includes 40 cards and Activity Guide. Cards measure 3"H; box measures 4½" x 4½". For 2–6 players.
I thought HOOT for Kids! is a really neat idea. The toys I received are excellent quality. I felt they are good learning skills toys. I passed them onto my friends grand daughter since my kids are grown. I haven't heard back how she liked them since she just got them today and I wanted to get this review up so everyone could take advantage of the $5 off a HOOT for Kids! Box to get this offer use code: 5OFFBOX5
Now that your kids are out of school for the Summer HOOT for Kids! would be the perfect box to receive each month, order now, each toy will educate and keep your child entertained.